Published on Feb 22, 2017

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Published on Feb 24, 2017

Tucker Carlson puts on a magnificent display of why and how it is that when you take the “you’re a hater” argument away from them, radical liberals have no argument at all. And the gender-enders are the biggest anti-science ideologues of them all. Plus, some vintage “Get Smart” shows how our society has lost its mind completely in the space of a few short decades.

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This blogger thought this was a superb video.  I recommend it to many people in the culture today to make sense of the nonsense going on and the insanity.




The overwrought piece gets just about everything wrong

Source: Americans United For Separation of Church and State Lashes Out at Church Militant


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As you can guess, the reaction to the proclamation of these particular abhorrent beliefs has been just a little bit different from what was directed at Milo, because a prof is a member of the great left-wing machine and leftists always take care of  their own.  h/t to reader skeinster who sent this along (I know reports of this have been around for a while but they were fairly scattered so it’s likely many have not seen this):

Two weeks ago today, a professor from Georgetown University publicly rose to the defense of slavery and rape, and not a single major media outlet—with the exception of a blogger on the Washington Post website and a brief posting on foxnews.com—has said a word about it. The absence of outrage is not hard to figure out: Jonathan Brown’s defense was limited to Islam. [yet another sign that islam is the de facto…

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Donald Trump…………

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Also from Pogo, the same guy who did the Star Trek/Picard video I posted last Friday.

This one is called Trumpular.  Not quite as good?  See what you think:

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Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch speaks with Church Militant

Source: Danish Man Charged With Blasphemy for Burning Koran



Zac Petkanas unable to answer a simple question

Source: The Illogic of Transgender Advocacy


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