“Be a part of Church Militant’s journey through this holy land!” So good you might not ever want to leave your armchair.  So sit tight, play it and enjoy this gem for future generations. 

This Catholic Blogger finds it riveting, creative and inspiring and a teaching tool for everyone. No fuss no muss. Old Fashioned teaching on the Eucharist, the Bible and geographical places in the Holy Land.  This is a video you need to put next to your Passion of the Christ.  I kid you not. 

Please pass and on do share your copy when you purchase it with your Catholic friends and family.  Make it a family night for those who are truly interested in our Lord and the Holy Land. 

This is a perfect Christmas gift or any type of gift especially for confirmation for your family and friends who may not know as much as they wished about our dear Lord and His Eucharist.  Be gentle when asking maybe some of those fallen away Catholic family members might like to watch it with you.  

Not only is this a winner for Christ it apparently is a labor of love for Christ in the Eucharist for His beloved.  My hats off to Church Militant and the Crew for making this possible for all of us who can and can’t go to the Holy Land. 

Source of Documentary:  http://store.churchmilitant.com/index.php?product=470

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Published on Sep 20, 2019

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