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Dog Face

Youth becoming fast the grownup.
Courage with all the emotions.
Holding fast to lay down cowardice.
Creeps into all at times beaten.
Guns battering chaos from dreams.
One’s dream sleep shades of red.
Repressed from never thinking.
Never to end til spent.
Smokey tides of grey.
Plans left behind never return til then.
The ultimate duty of family.
Calls to one’s mind past caught up.

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A quote in 1940 from a leaflet the White Rose Society, “Isn’t it true that every

honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who among us can

imagine the degree of shame that will come upon us and our children when the

veil falls from our faces and the awful crimes that infinitely exceed any human

measure are exposed to the light of day.”

Origin of the name of this White Rose Society inspired by a Spanish novel.

Several courageous students from Munich, Germany would comprise The White

Rose Society in the early days of World War II Germany.

They would witness some of the atrocities of the east like the ghettos at Warsaw

and Lodz.

Image via Wikipedia (The victims of the Holocaust)

The main characters mostly in their early 20’s were:  Sophie Scholl, her brother

Hans School, Alex Schomorell, Willi Graf and Christoph Probst, Traut Lafrenz,

Lieselotte (Lilo) Berndl and Falk Harnack.

Their music/philosophy teacher Kurt Huber also was associated with the group.

They were funded by Eugen Grimminger and his go between secretary Tilly Hahn

who supplied them with office equipment and money.

Their goal was to flood Germany with leaflets which showed opposition to Hitler’s


They flooded the country with thousands and used graffiti to get their point across.

They had been inspired by many groups including the church at the time.  They

spearheaded an anonymous leaflet campaign.  This called for the active opposition

against oppressive Nazi tyranny.

Image via Wikipedia (A trial of those in opposition to the Nazi’s.)

The allies had received one of their last, the sixth leaflet which was smuggled

out through Scandinavia to the UK.  Later it would be dropped by plane all over

Germany called “The Manifesto of the Students of Munich.”  They would have the

last laugh.  Their seventh leaflet cost them their lives and jailed others.  They

would be captured by the Gestapo in 1943 and beheaded.

Image via Wikipedia (WW II)

Germany as early as 2003 has commemorated them and others for their courageous

movement against an oppressive fascism and what they opposed as militarism at

the time.

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Image via Wikipedia (Slavery)

Millions today are being exploited by rape, enslavement and murder in the name of forced prostitution.

The Vatican and women religious are partnering to combat this heinous crime against humanity.

The value of life has been marred by a sub-culture of violence, greed and abuse.

Image via Wikipedia (England and Wales)

England and Wales have stepped up to the plate to introduce crime bills to fight this scourge of society.

Changing laws regarding prostitution will be useful to the vulnerable who are forced into enslavement of sexual trafficing.

Their bill is aimed at people who exploit prostitution with coercion of force.

Force would be defined as coersion of the psychological and exploitation of the vulnerable.

Some girls as young as 14 are forced to participate unwillingly into the so called business of sex.

Sexual trafficing is considered the highest form of human trafficing.

The devestation to our youth is staggering.  They find themselves the victems of lasting physical and psychological trauma not to mention the high rate of disease.

Children are subject to sexual disease, drug addition and become socially ostracised in culture even today.

The end game and carrot to all of this is that the overall assets are estimated in the billions.  This of course is the greed factor and a harsh reality to most people today.

Image via Wikipedia (Europe, Africa, Asia)

This trade is generated both by local and international criminal sydicates.  The countries of sexual exploitation are Africa, Asia & Eastern Europe.

The overwhelming illicit sexual trade results from poverty, lawlessness, military conflict and the breakdown of the economy.

This degradation of the human spirit violates the human person and results in a negative breakdown of our human culture everywhere.

As suggested by the experts its no wonder the root causes mentioned above are a factor that needs to be addressed.  It will not be an easy task but the world needs to know what is transpiring.  

Unfortunately the fast buck is always with us.

Image via Wikipedia (Tomorrows children)

No healthy youth no hope for tomorrow.

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If anyone is interested in children’s stories Ive been trying amateurly to write some little short stories on a kitten named Eddie and Lilly his partner.  Go to Explore click User on www.triond.com and put in pen name Holly J. Yarrington.

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