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After this first segment continue to watch the rest of the seventeen videos on “Demographic Winter” documentary on You Tube.

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Healthy to Go Buff

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Chairman of the Catholic Relief Services’ board and Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan is a celebrant at the funeral of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot and Msgr. Charles Benoit, vicar general, in the courtyard of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Photo by Sara A. Fajardo/CRS












For donations see Catholic Relief Services:  http://www.crs.org/

For donations see Missionaries of the Poor:  http://www.missionariesofthepoor.org/

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Father Frank Pavone is one of the directors of Priests for Life.  He is in charge of one of the primary movements against the Culture of Death.



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Now that we have seen the horrific destruction of Haiti and the death of some of our fellow brothers of the priesthood I thought it would be an appropriate time to write about the priesthood.

The year of the priests will soon come to an end here in 2010.  Its been institutionalized by Pope Benedict XVI in a time of great suffering to the laity and the people.  The abuse scandal will forever haunt the history of the Catholic Church.

I’m an optimist and my hope is that we find healing in our Lord Jesus Christ.  My hope is it is true that good things come out of the bad.  I think in this case it is true.  We need to bring the hurt out into the open and let it catch flame and die through healing.  May it never scourge the priesthood or the faithful again.  My hope is we never forget and stay vigilant against this sickness.  May we forgive and forget the hurt that has been inflicted directly and indirectly on all the faithful.

This said I have hope for the Ministerial Priesthood now and in the future.  I am a firm believer that she, the church is in the world and not of it.  The Priesthood is the same, she is in the world but not of it.  She, the church owned and operated by our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Priest is the groom of the Bride–our Church.  Our church is governed by the Holy Spirit one in the same of the Trinity.   I think this is how our Lord wanted it in  the open to show us what we were hiding and to find the grace to heal this pain to our people.  May our priests find understanding. They who have done good in the world and are suffering for this crime they did not perpetrate.   The Priesthood will survive otherwise our Lord would have abolished and destroyed it by now.

I don’t understand it but it makes sense our Priests are male since our Lord was male.  Considering how it is symbolized by a male and not a women.  It doesn’t fit into the symbolism of the church that women serve in the priesthood.  Women aren’t being excluded because they are female and it is a mystery why our Lord made this so.  The key word which is lacking today is obedience.  We must obey so we know that our Lord knew and knows what He is doing.

Someday I recommend on a lighter note that you should ask Him why He never chose women.

I don’t feel slighted or discriminated against because of this because I know our church is of the Supernatural not of the worldly things passing away but of something more solid and beautiful.

The irony is that Satanists acknowledge this because they like to steal our Hosts.  As most of us know the Host or Eucharist is the Body, Blood and Soul of our Lord Jesus Christ.  So you know humbly that the evil one knows what it is to.

Many do not understand this Mystery and you’re not supposed to because even we Catholics can’t grasp this sublime thought.   Once the Mystery is gone then there is no surprise.  Our Lord is the surprise in Salvation History.  He is definitely the “Surprise to Come”.

During the Mass when you see a priest consecrating a Host remember that is our Lord come to be with us.  His priest isn’t perfect and neither is the Bride of Christ which we all belong to.  Yet, the Lord chooses these inferior creatures which God made to consecrate and hold His host in their hands and deliver it to the people.

Awesome as our God is, so awesome as the song goes.

So let it be.  Let our priests do what they have trained for.  To be the servants and slaves of the Lord.  Ladies be satisfied that you won the world to be a Doctor, Lawyer or a Professional in this world.  I do not envy our priests but I hope for them.

As they say in the bible paraphrased leave what belongs to God what is God’s.

As the Cure of Ars once did when his fellow priests were complaining that he was won of the worst priests ever they sent around a petition to get rid of him.   He is a character, has character and a beautiful thing— he signed the petition against himself.  This tells one many things about the priesthood and the sainthood.

So always pray for your faithful, Priests, Bishops and Religious.  Hope for the coming of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and that you to are called for whatever purpose He made for you in this life you serve.

See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/seminarian-raised-up-from-death-twice-over/

See:  http://catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=42350

SEE EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON PRIESTHOOD:   http://catholic.org/vocations/story.php?id=43142

SEE COMMENTARY ON THE PRIESTHOOD:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/cardinal-piacenza-explains-crisis-of-catholic-priesthood/

See:  http://www.zenit.org/article-33742?l=english

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This six-minute short is the best one you will ever see your entire life.  It brings home the fact we have an agenda that isn’t working in this country.  That agenda is abortion.  It is killing our country slowly.  As Mother Teresa and many have said it is the new “Nuclear Bomb” of our times.

We are at the mark of 50,000,000 children slaughtered in this country.  Many of these children if not all would have had the potential to change our world and our lives.  We are now by some experts told that we are entering the “Demographic Winter”.   We will probably not have enough people to tend to the aging and the next step will be and I say, God Forbid–Euthanasia.

People are pulling for it.  Our Culture of Death if it has its way will be Part II of what the Nazi’s tried to carry out.  The destruction and extermination of total societies.  Possibly the beginning of a human extinction.  One that humanity can’t afford to consider.  As we have said there must be a better way for women and for the human family.

We are capable of this slippery slope.  It was witnessed and executed in WWII by a little known fellow who served in the First World War as a lowly soldier who would become the so-called “savior” of Germany.  Adolph Hitler would become one of the most heinous monsters of death in human history.  Nazis would talk to one Margaret Sanger about euthanasia and what she believed.  Yes, folks Margaret Sanger.  The mother of the “pill” your so-called saving grace.  A women who upheld bigotry of the races by extermination using the method of abortion.  She will be known as the foreshadowed Mother of Euthanasia if it goes into law.

Yet our country still upholds her so-called doctrines.  Women deserve better and I hope that someday that the brave people of the Pro-Life Movement peacefully make this victory for humanity and the world for the better.

As Mother Teresa once said, “The Greatest Destroyer of Peace is Abortion.”

Peace to all and may we go down a better road.  As one poet said, “the road less travelled”.  The road less travelled maybe man’s greatest blessing to date second to Jesus Christ.

See movie short at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC51d2UfZic

See:  http://www.demographicwinter.com/index.html

See other blogs for the Pro-Life Movement and places for help if pregnant and nowhere to turn for advice.  Peace.

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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Mother Teresa has become one of my hero’s.  She is one of the best saints for our times.  I put her up there next to Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

She is also has a way with words.  I found this article and it best describes anything I could write about her.  Much has been written about her and I’m sure she has written well in her journals.

I have read very little about her but her presence is enough to encourage an individual to think seriously about their way of life.

So if you get a chance and your interested or curious about Mother Teresa regardless of your religious affiliation or none at all, this article is excellent.

Please read, enjoy and take it in:

See:  http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=34602

See:  http://www.demographicwinter.com/index.html

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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