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The buzz line on Facebook has it that John hasn’t ruled out the run for US Senate.

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This is the latest chapter in my article on cooking and advice.  I hope you find it inspiring and interesting. 

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Every year I’m very amused at our Media who is so naive and blind about the March for Life in Washington.  It’s like there is this dark shadow cast over our major media studios.  Like its disgusting and shameful to be in favor of life.  The Media hides away like they are embarrased to be part of something they can understand as a great Movement of our time and on par with the Civil Rights Movement.

This year the majority of our newsanchors reported badly about the March in Washington DC.  It was huge and I hope it grows even bigger every year and that more and more people find the time to get down their in January of every year.

As it has been put to me anyone born before 1973 were from the times of illegal abortion but all the young after 1973 are considered the survivors of abortion.  Their mothers could have had them aborted at anytime under any tri-mester.

Well the Media is very misrepresented when it comes to the facts and they have no taste in the most exciting protest still in existance today.

Next year if you get the chance watch for the March for Life in East Coast in Washington and also the March for Life West Coast.

I’m very proud that there are many people standing for life.  I think that the first suffragettes would be proud of these people both young and old alike.  The first responders to women’s rights who didn’t support abortion were Susan B. Anthony and others of her day in Seneca Falls.  Abortion is not a blessing just ask someone from Rachel’s Vineyard for Post Abortive Men and Women.   Abortion has not solved our problems it has presented new one’s to our society.   I agree there has to be a better way for women but not what our present Administration is trying to perpetuate for our world.  We do not have the money to police the world when it comes to so called “reproduction rights” which spells A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N.

I can’t speak for everyone because in this country were given one vote— that vote to was paid in blood many times over since the conception of this great nation.  If we want to truly evolve we had better find more safer, educated ways regarding spacing and population of our great planet.  Not the old ways of past cultures who sacrificed their children in heinous ways on bloodstained alters of long ago.  Abortion isn’t a new sacrifice its a new spin on the sacrifice from the old ways of the past hiding behind the so called sophisticated medical technologies we institute today.    Old spin new tools.

See Link:  http://pop.org/201002111186/old-media-misses-the-mark-as-youngsters-march

See Link:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/resource.php?n=886

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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I have always been interested in both sides of the issue.  I have found the Population Research Institute to be very informative and educated on the trends of population.  Their sight is worth browsing.  So it you get the chance stop on over see whats going on in the world.  The first link is to their webpage the second link is a recent article they wrote and mentioned as the title above.



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Most people will say are you nuts?  No I like Sarah Palin because she is getting the short end of the stick and I know where its coming from.  This is what it means to be American we understand the underdog mentality better than none.   We should be at least reading a paper or two and watching what our Representatives and White House are all about.  Not being always popular is very American to.  Remember folks what we fought for in 1776 against King George of England and his unjust representation.   We weren’t popular then as were not very popular now in the world.  There is always room for improvement from all of us my sentiments about Ms. Palin and all of us.

For many years, 17 years in fact I worked for a low-level politician.  A couple of them actually owned the Abstract Company (This is the documentation of the history of your property.) and I enjoyed my work but you paid a price.  You have to  favor what the politicians were in favor of to work there or at least be like-minded.  Which makes a lot of sense it’s about achieving power and keeping the parties going.  Sometimes you had to get into business to do this politically or visa versa.  If you don’t like politics then you should get another job because this is who and what they are.

Well back to Sarah Palin the only thing that she is guilty of is being a Republican and part of the Grand Ole’ Party.  Nothing wrong with that either.  She also is guilty of her religious convictions which are not popular but we are legally ok to speak of and speak out about.   There is not such thing as separation of Church and State.  The government does not recognize a National Church.  Separation of Church and State is in the Russian Constitution.   I do not speak for any religious organization because Christ never belonged to any political party and I like it that the Catholic Church is in the world but not of it.  I like the odds to that she is not popular in the world which tells me that the world ain’t all the world is cracked up to be.   We Christians believe in a somebody not a something and His bride isn’t perfect and that to is ok.  Were human.  Since the scandals were very well aware of how vulnerable and human we truly are.  That is another story to tell.

Like Christianity Sarah is also guilty of being human and of not achieving enough political savvy to get into the White House.  Well what we have in the White House isn’t perfect either.  After much thinking I did like the Clinton’s at one time and I still have no animosity towards them but they and the rest of the White House and the Democratic party are behind smearing Sarah Palin.  It’s no wonder and it changes nothing about politics.  (Just for the record the Church doesn’t want to be political but she has a right to speak out if something is immoral and I don’t mind finding out what she has to say.)

The White House is for Planned Parenthood and Women’s Reproductive Rights which means in simple terms the right to abortion.  What the White House doesn’t tell you is that politically they have and are trying to rid themselves of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and getting the Pro-Lifers off the street through Planned Parenthood.  The White House is liberal and it wants to be the first to proclaim victory in the Culture of Death department.  Obama stated it was above his pay grade to know when life begins.  Well as Commander-in-Chief it’s not above his pay grade to send men and women off into the shadow of the valley of death is it?  If you know how one ends then you must have some idea of how the other begins.  Even a farmer knows when life begins when he or she grows crops or raises farm animals.  It isn’t a toaster in the womb you know and science is finding out real fast how precious life really is.

This to is wrong because as the Pro-Choice people point out we all have rights.  Well when they go after Crisis Pregnancy Centers they point out their own ignorance.  Women deserve better and Planned Parenthood is not what we need.  Planned Parenthood was started by a women who actually advised the Nazi’s on Euthanasia and is now acclaimed as the Mother of the Pill–contraception.  We have a right to go against tyranny and I suggest we do it like the Pro-Life Movement does peacefully.

Lets call contraception what it is an abortifacient.  If you don’t believe me ask a Pharmaceutical Company or your Gynecologist.  You can also check out Priests for Life.  You can also check with Living His Life Abundantly and ask them about the media information they have about the so-called Mother of the Pill-Margaret Sanger.  To me she is the Mother of the Culture of Death.  You want to see what Planned Parenthood has come down to check this video out and see how America is deteriorating real fast and what they don’t want you to know http://www.catholicleague.org/videos/.

I have been on the pill and I have been on the Pro-Choice side so I understand both sides of the issue.  I also am a Catholic women who turned her back on her faith and almost became Agnostic (Which by the way when you break down the word from the original language means ignoramus. Interesting don’t you think?)  and left for a while and lived in the world and saw it.  So I can speak from worldly experience which is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Then certain catastrophes happened in my life which brought me back to the Catholic Faith.  I’m glad I came back and this of course is another story.  Sarah to is also guilty of belief and her convictions.  I know people who had children from Downs Syndrome and these children have as much a right to life as a person who is a genius.  How many genius’ do you think we had snuffed out who could have helped us in the world?

Many of you out there hate and despise religion.  Well before you judge us please read the Catechism of the Catholic Faith and read your Bibles and then please pass your worldly judgment on us then I say humbly.   Until you know what a culture is you can’t make a sublime and intelligent judgment or it’s just here say and ignorance.

Statististically it is said that Catholics are second to the Jewish communities in education so you can’t claim that were ignorant but you can say anything else you want because were aware that Christ left us with this, “They persecuted me so they will persecute you”.   So when your being nasty to Sarah Palin think of this.  Keep in mind that the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. did and would not have approved of Planned Parenthood.  See Slide:  http://www.priestsforlife.org/africanamerican/king-planned-parenthood.pdf.  He wouldn’t have approved of a lot things happening today.  Check out his niece’s blog http://www.priestsforlife.org/africanamerican/blog/ and Priests for Life Website http://www.priestsforlife.org/.

I’m not saying women deserve not to have better health care but we deserve to have a better society when it comes to our health.  Women and men are starting to have regret about their abortions and in this respect I do have my hat off to Sarah Palin and Trig who chose life.   We must do our homework.

I have read the stories circulating now about Sarah Palin and the only reason the rhetoric is going around is because Hillary Clinton and all the others in the White House are afraid she might succeed at becoming Vice President again.   So if you’re wondering where the rhetoric is coming from and influencing public opinion about Sarah Palin look not farther than the White House.

I like President Obama but what I do object to is his Pro-Choice stance which makes him one-sided to the American Public and not a good thing.   What I do object to is that the American Culture is trying to impose its abortion policies on the world when I think the world should be deciding for their cultures what is best for them.   This country doesn’t have the funds to give to the world at large for this kind of agenda.

I’m also aware we have radicals in the White House.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t belong there anymore.  Unfortunately for us her husband and she should have been impeached but I at the time didn’t think it was good for the country.   Now I see why they should never have had a second chance at power.  Dont get me wrong the Clinton’s aren’t the problem in the White House they are only one of many influential perceptives being displayed at the seat of power in Washington.

You don’t have to agree with me on Sarah Palin because I’m not writing this article because I like or dislike Sarah Palin but because of the word impartiality.  It is a difficult word for most of us but one that needs be applied to the White House.   Sarah Palin is only guilty of running for the White House the first time because she was “green” and in this country I am an American and I do believe in the underdog.  She is an underdog and yes she probably is guilty of the same personalities we see in all of our politicians today.  Educated, ambitious, clever and elitist.

I know we are an imperfect country but I also know we still have principles and scruples to some extent.  Perhaps someday the issue of abortion will be resolved.  I hope so because I’m still wondering who was in the 50,000,000 + children we aborted and who are our first neighbors in the womb.  I speak this truth, even if you arent religious but have conviction even some of you have to wonder if we have killed our future.   Currently we can feed the world there is food and these people could have been born.

Justice Ginsburg dropped the bombshell about what the abortion issue really is.. She said once and I think I paraphrase this, “We have too many of those”.   This only implies that the abortion issue is a wildcard for the governments of the world if things get dicey.  It doesn’t care about women’s health issues that’s a cover to keep this in play.   The reason they dont want Sarah Palin in the White House is because for some misconceived ideas this country is afraid of the issue of life.   I think the abortion issue is not resolved and it needs to have a second look.  If some of you have a problem with this I would visit Rachel’s Vineyard Website,

I did not vote for the present Administration because I am what you would call a Pro-Life person but in the end I would just like to be known as someone who respected–Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A belief in our wonderful Constitution and country.  There is not country like this one on earth.

I’m not writing this for popularity or because I particularly like Sarah Palin.  I hope I’m writing this because I still believe in America and some of its time-honored traditions of fair play and just because we need to hear the same old same old sometimes to get us back on track.

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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This is a cool sight check it out.  I live pictures and most of all I love pictures painted or photographed of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Click Link for sight:  http://www.thejourneysproject.com/Gallery.aspx

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Who knows this might be our currency system someday.

Click to see article:  http://bizcovering.com/international-business-and-trade/bartering-the-fine-art-without-currency/

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The question is did he do the right thing in WWII? This is a story, commentary on Pope Pius XII.

Click this Link:  http://authspot.com/thoughts/pius-the-xii-the-world-war-ii-pope/

See also:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pius-xii-letters-only-a-taste-of-full-vatican-archive/

Note:  The Vatican Archives for Pius XII will not be available until around 2015.  I agree until its official we should wait until then to find out if it would be alright to canonize Pius XII.  I await Holy Father’s judgement in this matter.

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