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This is commentary made by an American about Prince William and his future bride Kate Middleton. (For other articles of interest see www.triond.com go to user type in Holly J. Harrington.)

I am a Royal Watcher and I know its pathetic but I love it and if I had the money and time I would be in Great Brittain for this one.

In 1982 I had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful, statuesque women become the bride of one of the most sought after bachelors in princedom.

Her name was Diana Spencer whose father was an Earl of the realm in Great Britain.  She was privileged to walk amongst the wealthy and the well to do.  Yet she was a shy, young woman who didn’t really want the spotlight and enjoyed who she was becoming in a coltish way.

Her prince charming would be Prince of Wales—-Charles Windsor heir apparent to the British Monarchy.

We all thought back then what a fairytale and it was.  It produced two beautiful children and we all thought they would live happily ever-after as they say.  Was not to sadly be.  I do not hold a grudge because its not my place to judge what took place sometime later as their children came of age.

She would die tragically in Paris with her new beau and Charles would eventually come back to the early love of his life Camilla Parker-Bowles to whom he had set his cap many moons ago.  It was a tragedy all around for all.  The quandaries of the aristocracy have unfolded for centuries and we had thought after WWI that all was lost.  Not so, the tabloids were astorm with who did what to who and who really killed Diana Spencer.

I honestly think it was a sad part of history all around for all the people involved.   This being said, two children came from this dark state of affairs to come quietly on the world stage much to the credit of their deceased mother and living father.

The two have amused, angered, puzzled and probably bored and cheered us on with their foray into the public.  One thing we could see is that the parents who ended their marriage as a fiasco produced two children who would change the destiny of a monarchy.

We now see here in November a famous engagement which will be a great success for this happy couple.  We have read everything there is on Prince William and Prince Harry and now we have a new addition to royal family (Unless they decide to split again.) the Ms. Kate Middleton.

She will probably never be what the British found so engaging in the Princess of Hearts, Princess Diana but she will do for a prince I think. She will be herself—Kate Middleton Windsor, Princess of Wales.

So let us wish them well as we do with any couple and let them have their small happiness until reality sets in like it does for all of us.  Let them for a time be a regular couple like we find today on those special occasions when the question of marriage pops up.

We know that many are pessimistic about Royalty but this article is dedicated to those of us who love to follow Royalty.

NOTE:  This is December 17, 2010 and a followup to the Royal Engagement.  My money is on Kate and this Prince William that this marriage will succeed.  God Bless them.  Hope they dont listen to the rags at large who try to put a damper on this one.  May they have a wonderful life together and it maybe blessed in the years to come.







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Succession change will it be male or female?:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110118/ap_on_re_eu/eu_britain_royal_succession

Update regarding Royal Succession to the throne of Brittan:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15492607

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