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Protomartyrs of Rome

Feast: June 30

Many martyrs who suffered death under Emperor Nero (r. 54-68). Owing to their
executions during the reign of Nero, they are called the Neronian Martyrs, and
they are also termed “the Protomartyrs of Rome,” being honored by the site in the
Vatican City called the Piazza of the Protomartyrs. These early Christians were
disciples of the Apostles, and they endured hideous tortures and ghastly deaths
following the burning of Rome in the infamous fire of 62. Their dignity in
suffering, and their fervor to the end, did not provide Nero or the Romans with
the public diversion desired. Instead, the faith was firmly planted in the
Eternal City.
(Taken from Our Sunday Visitor’s Encyclopedia of Saints)

Serious note with humility and charity we are still in these times my brothers and sisters.  It has never changed as I heard today in the sermon that even now in the 20th and 21st Centuries we have had grave persecution.

Our brothers and sisters are international the Catholic Church is recognized universally hence what the word Catholic means.   They, our people suffer throughout the world in any given time in both the right and left lungs of the East and Western churches.

Today we are seeing more and more that our Lord’s church is subtly coming back to the fold as He requested, “That it would be one.”  Peace be to all and pray to our Mother that her Son protects those and is solace everywhere in the world to the persecuted church.


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The above is a speech about Rick Santorum who is running for the Presidency.   Decide for yourself and educate when it comes to who is running.

If I get the chance I’m voting for the best candidate and I hope they are for life.

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The above is video on the Devine Mercy in Song.  It can be purchased and used in your players or you can just come here and recite it at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

It is an excellent Devine Mercy prayer.   You will find it inspiring and comforting.


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Pope Benedict’s official schedule for the 2011 gathering is available at: http://www.madrid11.com.

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Judge for yourself what is the one true church.  She started us off first.  She is as old as when Jesus Christ established it from the time of the Old Covenant and He ushered in the New.

Go back to the Early Church Fathers and read what they taught in the beginning.

The Lord brought her, the Bride into this world and handed it down through the Apostles and into succession of the Popes.

I’m not forcing anything on anyone Im stating the facts that are out there.

Again you be the judge of what is the true church of Jesus Christ.  Study it!


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The above is a link to instructions on how to pray the Rosary.

You also may follow-up and find out the history of the Rosary and where it has come down to us.

Our Lady asked us at Fatima through the three children who saw her in apparitions in 1917 to say the Rosary for all times.

It is a divine weapon against evil in our times.

It will bring peace to our world.

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I first saw Sister Briege on one of the re-runs on EWTN when she was interviewed by Mother Angelica about her ministry.

This is an interesting video and very encouraging to priests today.

Pray for your priests today.  Devote your Rosary to them.  The Blessed Mother will watch over her children on behalf of her Son Jesus Christ.

The second video above is an update of Sister Briege’s life story.

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The above is a song by Matt Mahar for World Youth Day promotion of Madrid 2011 Spain.

Its an excellent song.  May all the pilgrims encounter Jesus Christ in Madrid Spain.


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Just went to see the Green Lantern and I thought it was excellent.  This movie upholds the quality of the Comic Strip genre that has been turned into popular movies.

We have heard mediocre reviews to discourage us from some very good movies.  Yes, it has some slight adult content in the beginning of the film but other than that its good entertainment.

I recommend it as a very good film even though it had some very slight slow moments.  The movie has some grit and it also has very fine acting from the total cast.  The standouts of course are the evil characters but the good characters also sparkle in their capacity to enliven us with the story line.

I say it has some star quality.  Worth watching and renting when it comes out of the theaters and into disk and high def.

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The above is the kiss seen around the world during the Vancouver riot at the NHL game.  May not be proper for children on this site but it says a lot about the violence that took place after the game.

To me it symbolizes something peaceful and total different that what occurred.  To me this is a contradiction against the backdrop of violence that took place that day.

There was frenzy and madness because a team didn’t win the prized cup.  This is no excuse to turn it into a riot.  Many people were upset when things got violent and damaged during a sporting event which is to bring peace and satisfaction to people–not violence.

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