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The world screams feminism not femininity but I say feminine genius given to us by the good Almighty.  He knew what He was doing when He created male and female.  He created us fo a purpose.  That purpose is to do what He ordained to each of us in our femaleness and maleness.

Keep in mind people modern feminism is of the world of which we are in.   We are not of the world but in the world.  We do not subscribe to some of negative modern things of this world.  Ultra-Modern Feminism is one if it goes against what is truly of Christ.

First of all we have free will but that will was never intended for the Mystery of Melkezadek—The Priesthood instituted by Christ.  It was never so in the beginning, middle or inevitable end.   It was meant for our males and I for one accept this in my fiat to Christ.

Women dont need to acquire the Priesthood to succeeed in this world. Its not necessary.  It was not reserved for us because it comes from the Divinity of Christ.  In this regard as a Catholic and a woman I understand what this entails.  I do not take from God which was never intended for me.  This is not only wrong by the commandments it is wrong to steal from God that which He has never bestowed on one.   Give to God what is God’s and give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s.   Ceasar belongs to the modern world not the world of Christ or the modern world of feminism.

The world wants us to usurp its ownership for our own selfish selves.   The Church has in simple terms explained that she cannot give it to women because she would be in violation.   The Church just doesnt have this authority.  Which means that Christ only has this authority and He has never bestowed this now or in ancient times.  This has always been understood and should be obeyed now and always.

Therefore this is a closed subject.

It makes sense that a modern world would want to usurp this for its own means and ends.  Evil is in the world and we all know evil will try to reap from the spoils for itself.

There is a saying that a priest is a flower in the potty.  This is so true.  The evil one wants to stamp the Priesthood to filth and it will do anything and use anyone to do so.  It will take the Priesthood if it can and use it against our Lord Jesus Christ.   If it means it can do so and take if for the so called feminism of this time and world it will do so and at a high price and with a dark agenda.  One that could mame our church in our times.

The Priesthood belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ regardless of scandal, heresy and the failure of the human spirit.

This is a mystery even to us.  Even in these modern times we live in what with Psychology and other forms of the modern world available to us.  In the end the Supreme Doctor is Jesus and His Priesthood belongs only to Him and for Him.  He choses what happens good, bad or indifferent to His Bride the Church.  You dont think He doesnt understand the medical arts—all of them?   Please!!!!!!

Therefore never mess with the Man who is God.  God doesnt like it when we mess with His creation.   It belongs to His realm.  So I remind us, “Jesus, I trust in you.”  You would do better to follow this even in our weakness to the betterment of our Salvation and His Mercy.

Humbly, I say if this isnt an understanding of Feminine Genius regarding the Priesthood then I bow to perfection and a better understanding from Him.  Afterall He was male and He understood both feminine and male even better than we do.

For more on Feminine Genius, true feminity and womenhood see You Tube for other great video.

See also Encyclicals and papers from the Magisterium on what the Popes spoke about on the role of women in the church and society at large.  Go to Catholic News Agency and search out the list of the Popes and their documents.

Jesus we submit our wills to you.

SEE EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON PRIESTHOOD:   http://catholic.org/vocations/story.php?id=43142

SEE COMMENTARY ON THE PRIESTHOOD:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/cardinal-piacenza-explains-crisis-of-catholic-priesthood/

See:  http://www.zenit.org/article-33742?l=english

See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/cw/post.php?id=646

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The above represents Pope Benedict XVI in Germany on his pilgrimage and journey throughout Europe.  He is the servant searching on the path of Christ and exhorting us to do the same—to search for Christ in these times.  To not be ashamed of who we are and to proclaim Him-The Servant and the Lamb.

When he, Benedict XVI says “Be lamps of hope.”  He means to move with and teach the New Evangelization.  To learn and to be taught in regard to the living word.

Check out Holy Father on You Tube while he was in Germany.  He has like other times given us much to think about during these times.  Much wisdom from the Holy Spirit and God.

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The above video is from Life on The Rock on EWTN.  It discusses the Traditional Latin Mass and the Society of St. Peter.

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Check this out on Holy Father.  He is feeding the sheep as are his Bishops.  God Bless.  Very good episode of Vaticano.

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To help parents communicate in these trying times in the Culture Wars and the so called popular culture against the Catholic Faith.   This is a good video.  Please check this out.  Parents this maybe a good sight to start with.  God Bless.

See:  www.FamilyHonor.org

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The above is an explaination regarding God and Science with Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ and Professor Anthony Rizzo from the Institute for Advanced Physics.

See:  http://www.iapweb.org/

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Joplin Missouri got hit by one of the top ten deadliest tornadoes in US history.  If you can donate to Catholic Charities please do so.

Go to website and contact and let them know the money your donating is for Joplin Missouri:


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The above is the response from the Vatican on the Irish Government Report on clerical sexual abuse.

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The above column and one of many by Father Frank Pavone on Faith.  He states faith has an open mind.


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