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The above is from You Tube and the story about Mary executed in a most excellent way.  I found it most descriptive and informative on the subject of Our Lady and Mother.

I hope that it is a small learning tool of understanding on the subject of the Lord’s Mother.  She who points to The Way, The Truth and The Life.

I have also included a segment from Saturday Night Prime with Father Benedict Groeschel on Marion Consecration.

Peace brothers and sisters.


See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/cw/post.php?id=658

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Ben Breedlove was 18 on Christmas and he had a date with death.  I found this a most profound video.  I was impressed by the peace on this young man’s face.  I found wisdom there as well for such a young soul.  He knew almost what was prepared for him during his walk with destiny.  One most thing which intrigued and delighted me most is and was his will to live under this kind of suffering.

I dont know what mysteries surround the realities of death but I do know and sense there is a God.  I cant explain it to any of you.  The only thing I can offer is that one must try to ask, “God are you there”?  After that the adventure begins.  For those of you who do not believe I can only say I feel bad for you but for those of you who do believe dont let go of the ideal.

Even if you cannot believe in a Supreme someone then try to do the best you can for humanity.

As I said before, I don’t know about these experiences which people meet during a bought with “death” but I can say that faith is just as important.   Sometimes it takes the above experience to reinforce our fledgling faith.  When you do have faith don’t ever let it go.

I’m glad we have a Ben Breedlove waiting there in Heaven and that God is waiting for all of us when the time comes.

When you find someone suffering just be very quiet and listen to the hush, God will guide you with this person during their greatest trial—The Great Sleep.

Be at peace in your lives brothers and sisters.  I’m aware it isn’t easy our trials we go through every day but be ready and relieved that you walk with God.

I believe that anything is possible especially with God.  Is there Life After Death?  My Answer:  In my journey I believe there is?  May you walk with God Ben and so all of you as well. Peace!

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I have been following Mother Delores for several years now and find it an inspiring story of faith.  She was a well respected and upcoming actress of the 1960’s.  She rubbed elbows with the elite of Hollywood but eventually would succumb to the “Call”.  She even was the first actress to kiss Elvis on screen.

Her order is trying to raise money for repairs and it needs our help.

If anyone is interested in donating to the Monestary please see the website below and pass on to others who would be like to also:


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The above is the homily of Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA – Associate Director of Priests for Life.  Im proud to see that our priests do speak out about abortion.

Please get educated especially if your a Catholic.  You dont have to do much but try to be involved either sending a small contribution to Priests for Life.  Maybe you can support a pregnant woman who is thinking of abortion in a good way.

The March for Life will take place in a month in January of 2012.  If you can go to these marches wherever they are please do so.  If you can get to DC and can afford to go it may change your life and the life of the unborn.  You will be a small part of salvaging the future.  The future is the souls who are destined for a judgment and execution they can never speak up for.  You help be this voice or just be there.   Above all please get educated about the Pro-Life Movement so you know what it is all about and make a difference in our world today and tomorrow.

See the March for Life website.  For more information please see Priests for Life.  If your pregnant and in trouble please go to the Priests for Life website for help.  They are more than willing to get you that help.  Dont let your baby die because of an uncaring and unfeeling society that is ignorant of the TRUTH.

That truth is the Way, the Truth and Life.  Peace brothers and sisters of the Unborn, their future, your future, mine and many more not yet born to tell the salvation history.

See:  http://catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=44766

See:  http://catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=46733

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The above story of Maria Goretti is the reason that I will not support the death penalty even though many in our society uphold it as the answer to society and her woes.

I have experienced a similar story and can honestly say that it took me a long time to discover this wisdom of understanding.

Yes, there maybe rare occasions where the death penalty is acceptable for no other reason but I am not sure what that rare occasion is.  Perhaps I will never know what that rare occaison is.

For more information please consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding the death penalty.

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The above video is a tribute to the Papacy.   May you find it educational in your Christian pilgrimage and study.

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