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Every year the March for Life takes place in Washington D.C. and other cities around the country.  Each year many people show up.

The only one’s who dont show up for Life are the Networks.  EWTN is there.  Someday we will find that life is the most important ingredient to a better society.  We know it now but were blind and running scared.

If you believe in life go to the next March for Life if you can.

Whether you realize it or come to the realization the truth is Abortion is a barbaric crime against humanity.

I know many of you will say that Abortion is a woman’s right but keep in mind even the Suffragettes who got us the vote never condoned Aborton in any way.

There has to be a better way and I hope in the end we abandon this barbaric practice of mutilating those who have been created equal and deserve to be born the same as you and I.

Lets find a better world today because tomorrow may depend on it.

See:  Priests for Life Website

See also:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/cw/post.php?id=629

See:  http://catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=46733

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This says much for the future of our people.

For more information on choosing life see the Priests for Life website at PriestsforLife.org.

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A Saint for our times.

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What is the Neocatecumenal Way?:

“The Neocatechumenal Way was born in the 1960’s in the Palomeras district of Madrid. It’s often confused for a movement or a congregation, when it’s actually an itinerary of catechesis to rediscover baptism and is taught under the direction of a bishop.”

Holy Father is calling for catechesis in the world because we Christians are loosing our way, fast and furious as the saying goes in the popular movies.

He is sending out the sheep to the wolves and maybe we will capture their hearts and they will transform into the meek and humble who will continue to pass on the faith.  One can only hope.  Maybe only some will listen and be called but the Lord asked that we go out to the world and teach to all His living words.

My hope is that this blog is passing on the faith and that it will endure on the web and not be censored.  If this is a possiblility in the future keep in mind folks to have your Bible, Catechism and other materials close by for the ready.

If one has this taken away our material goods which teach the faith keep in mind as many precepts as you can about the faith in your heart, minds and souls.

If they Lord and especially the Holy Spirit are with one who is true to the faith you will be able to stand witness in the most dark and difficult moments.

He has promised this.  Stand firm in His commands as best as you can and be ready when you see your remdemption at hand.

It will be a most glorious day but we must wait in joyful peace until this time.  Day to day is the best motto to follow.  Stay in the Faith, learn the faith and take on the faith in the armor of the Lord.


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Writers Note:  The above is a video of the “Occupy Wall street Movement”  and other videos included but what Dr. Martin Luther King speaks about is very relevant to the Life Movement Today and the survival of the human race. We kill today’s hope (The child in the womb.) in the world.  What future do we have tomorrow?  The Jewish people have a saying, “One who saves a life saves the world”, well I ask how is aborting children any different.  We have become indifferent and apathetic to life itself and the life in the womb here on earth as if it is the enemy of the world.  How say you is a baby an enemy to the world?  Answer this for yourselves. Please use your conscience and ask how we came to this time in history where we are killing off the hope given to us from God and even if you don’t believe it makes sense that this is wrong.  These are the hope(s) that can save our world today and tomorrow.  May we not be too late brothers and sisters.  The truth has to be told no matter how heinous and difficult a road it seems to be for all of us.  Life has never been easy but it is rewarding in all things.

I admire the late Dr. Martin Luther King and I also admire today his niece Dr. Alveda King.   Dr. M. King was killed for his belief that all people be created equally and not be slaves.

So I ask today how is it that we discriminate and kill a child in the womb?  How are they different from slaves when they have no one to speak for them and the right to be born?  Where were their rights in 1973?  We opened a can of worms that still rages on today.  So peacefully how are we going to rectify the situation in our lifetime and the next generations to come so that we may have respect for life at all stages?

A month or so ago a young man jumped from a bridge in my city because his girlfriend rejected him.

Our river is full of currents because it borders the great lake Ontario which causes it to be fierce.  The EMT’s and Fire department tried to save him.  They through the rope a couple of times and he rejected it but on the last try he went for it but it missed him and he parished.

The sadness of the story is that in his last moments he chose life even though no one knew if he would  make it.

We are not obligated to believe in apparitions or visions but our Lady has chosen to present herself to us many times down through the ages.  I read once where she had sent children to us for our benefit in these times.

We need this benefit today more than ever.  Especially as one sees the crimes purported in the news.  Everyday you read negative things happening, murder, mayhem and that which is spoken of in the bible that what was once wrong would now be right.  You see this today very gradually creeping up more and more.  The law of God is undermined everywhere and no one seems to see this accept a very few.

The parallel I see between these two stories is this:  Our mother sent children to help us in these times so where was the someone who could have seen and stopped this child of God from jumping to his death.

I’m not saying that this is always the case.  When one’s time is to come to meet God so be it.  He has the last say on when its time to “go home”.   Yet I can’t help feeling something is missing in this world since 1973 when the landmark case, Roe vs. Wade was to become the law of the land in our times.

Over 50,000,000 people were aborted but we must ask ourselves this, How has this truly affected society on all levels and what are we going to do about in our small human way?

I am doing my part what say you?  Are you writing your Congress and letting them know that we did something very wrong in this case?  Do you support your local clinics who provide valuable life services for pregnant women?  Do you pray your Rosary with others for life?  Do you go with a friend who knows how to properly sidewalk counsel and pray with them in their valuable work.

I blog and I also am a housekeeper for a nursing home.  This is how I give because those in a Nursing Home are also to vulnerable to the subject of Euthanasia someday.  I hope this doesn’t even come into play ever.

May you all live in peace and understanding of our capacity for life.  May you and I hope to stand with the Lord when He comes for us in our Last Judgment.

God Bless the world that she may save a life one more day.  May thousands be saved and this horrible law abolished.

May we respect what others before us have sacrificed as Dr. Martin Luther King and others before us so that many could live another day.

This is my small tribute to life and the life of Dr. Martin Luther King may his legacy based on the natural law live on.

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The above story is truly about the real Karen Santorum so please read it over barring the bias of the present secular media.  Keep an open mind friends.

I do hope the best for the Santorum’s and I think that they would and could have been good for this country.

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I found this most inspiring on You Tube by one of the faithful that it should be included.  It describes in a nutshell as to who we are.

May it inspire many who journey on the web towards information about the faith.

God Bless and keep learning.  The Catholic Church has so much knowledge and wisdom from our Lord Jesus Christ to impart.

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