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The above is video from around 2009 on the story of Benedicti XVI from Cardinal to Pope.   It is a most rewarding and informational video regarding his reign as Peter.

He in my personal estimation is Teacher, Theologian, Priest and Fisher of Men to the world.

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The above is an article on Pro-life bikers who will ride for support of life.  Click on this newstory and see what they have in mind.

Very interesting shedding light on this cause and how we are helping America to maintain a Culture of Life.

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A Message for the Divorced:

The above is a radio talk on marriage, divorce and annulment regarding the Catholic Church.  I hope for many of you who are Catholics this is important for you to understand and help you through some difficult moments and times in one’s life.

Its states that a Catholic marriage isn’t an institution but a sacrament.  This tells one that marriage is serious business.

If you haven’t married or are preparing to marry I would check this book out along with your marriage classes in Pre-Cana.

I also recommend before a Catholic marriage that one look up what the sacrament is all about on the Bishop’s USCCB website.  Go to search with key words regarding marriage and do your homework.  As I have said the Catholic way of life is a serious one at that and very difficult to follow but can be a rewarding cross to bear as we have been taught by Christ.  He never said the path would be easy and it never will be until we meet up with Him.

See:  http://shop.catholic.com/product.php?productid=16958&cat=7&page=1

See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/catholicism-offers-love-lessons-contraception-fails-to-teach/

See:  http://www.ehow.com/how_5857900_annulment-catholicism.html

See:  http://www.beginningcatholic.com/catholic-annulment.html

Many have asked and I hope this is helpful to all.

Quote from Diocese of St. Cloud which has a good article on annulment and if you cant find it just do a search on annulment on their sight:

How much does the annulment procedure cost?


“An ordinary annulment is $500 with $100 being due at the time the case is submitted. The remainder can be paid in monthly payments. The Diocese of Saint Cloud heavily subsidizes the Tribunal. There are many expenses involved in the process and to help defray these expenses, you are asked to pay part of the actual costs involved. We will not impose any financial hardship on anyone. If you cannot pay the full amount, please let us know. No case will be turned down due to a person’s inability to pay the fee! Your case will be heard just like any other, and in the same amount of time. Money will never influence the work of justice.”

See Diocese of St. Cloud for information:  http://www.stcdio.org/

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The above is a good cause for peaceful “civil disobedience” in America.   The right to protest a government that wont feed the Sudanese people and give them peace.  A government that wont let them self-govern and sustain their own people.

We have the right to peacefully protest in this country.  The government cant take that away from us and shouldnt as long as it is peaceful and a meaningful cause.

If anyone wants to make a small donation please go to my blogroll and click on the Bishop Ghassis Sudan Relief Fund or the one mentioned in George Clooney’s video.   They are both good causes for the people of the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan.

See also:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/mar/14/george-clooney-accuses-sudan-war-crimes/

Feel free to pass on my blog and this blog story:   Jean’sBistro2010’s blog

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The above is video of Holy Father meeting with the women religious during Madrid’s World Youth Day Celebrations.

Jesus wasnt political but prophetic:


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See:  http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/cti_documents/rc_cti_20120308_comunicato-theology-today_en.html

Full Document here:  http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/cti_documents/rc_cti_doc_20111129_teologia-oggi_en.html

The above document is summed up as follows in quote:

“The document examines a number of contemporary theological issues and sets forth, in light of the foundational principles of theology, methodological criteria which must be considered decisive for Catholic theology vis-à-vis other related disciplines, such as the religious sciences. The text is divided into thee chapters: theology presupposes attentive listening to the word of God accepted in faith (chapter 1); it is practised in communion with the Church (chapter 2); and its aim is to ground a scientific approach to God’s truth within a horizon of authentic wisdom (chapter 3).”

In plain simple terms this document tells us all about the Magisterium, Apostolic Tradition, Theology and our Faith.  A truly important document for our times.

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The above video supports the idea that women can be empowered in rural areas.  They are people who are very important to the world yet they are the least funded.

These women support their families everywhere, everyday on the land.

They deserve our attention and support.


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The above is the teaching theology by Archbishop Sheen on the subject of Satan or as we all call him The Devil.  He of course is known by many names.  At lent this is a good time to study our enemy.  To know what we pray and fast for.

We repent as we always do at lent but we dont seem to associate this application towards driving evil out of our lives and to do penance for everyone.

Well I think Archbishop Sheen is the perfect teacher on this subject during this Lent Season.

Christ has conquered the Devil and Sin.

God Bless.

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