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Published on Mar 26, 2014

EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: EWTN News Nightly – Brian Patrick – The HHS Mandate

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I love all people who are beautiful of soul in the eyes of God but I cannot as a Christian sanction same sex marriage.

I will probably pay with my life as a Christian someday but that
is the price we pay for believing in Jesus Christ.

Many of you will disagree with this video but as a Christian
I either believe wholly in God or not at all.

He loves hot or cold but not lukewarm. He despises lukewarm

I hope that I will always be for God on all levels. God never
said it would be easy to follow His mandates ever. Its even
harder now.

I am voicing my God given opinion here and Im not spewing hate
for any individual of Same Sex Attraction.

I have some links and articles regarding Same Sex Attraction here on this website. I suggest before Im judged you read these articles.

May God have mercy on all of us in the United States.

Published on Mar 24, 2014
GOD BROUGHT FIRE DOWN ON SODOM. This message is from http://www.holylove.org. It is from March 23, 2014

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Published on Mar 24, 2014

Sermon on All Saints Day where Father speaks of the love that Christ has for us to be with Him for all eternity. We shouldn’t want to get on the Church calendar of saints but to be in heaven with Him forever. If we only understood what eternity really is. For more please visit http://www.romans10seventeen.org/ & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

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Published on Mar 22, 2014

Entrevista sobre el próximo sínodo al subsecretario del Pontificio Consejo de la Familia. A más de seis meses para el comienzo del próximo sínodo sobre la familia ya hay muchos temas sobre la mesa. Entre ellos, el de la comunión a divorciados vueltos a casar. Por eso, el número 3 del Pontificio Consejo para la Familia, Carlos Simón, recuerda que este no es ni el único ni el más importante

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Published on Mar 21, 2014

HEADLINE NEWS OF THE WEEK, PLUS: RAYMOND CARDINAL BURKE, prefect of the Apostolic Signatura of the Holy See on Pope Francis’ radical call to the New Evangelization, and he responds to the inflated media expectations that the pope may change certain established church doctrines. MOLLY McKEW, independent consultant on national security issues and author of a recent Washington Post article on the global ambitions of Vladimir Putin in his annexation of Crimea. GARY KRUPP, president of the Pave The Way Foundation brings us his latest research that REFUTES claims that Pius XII was indifferent to the plight of Jews during WWII.

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Published on Mar 21, 2014

GARY KRUPP, president of the Pave The Way Foundation, brings us his latest research that refutes claims that Pius XII was indifferent to the plight of Jews during WWII.

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Uploaded on Dec 27, 2010

This was filmed at Our Lady of Grace Capuchin Friary which is located in the Gargano Mountains at San Giovanni Rotondo. At times there is an atmosphere of playfulness redolent of the Fioretti of St Francis. At the end, they are obviously teasing him about the camera and he hits the cameraman with his cincture. We see him in the refectory and in the Church, and there are scenes of his brothers dealing with the massive postbag which he generated. Starting at 4’23” there is some footage of Padre Pio as celebrant at Tridentine Latin Mass.

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