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Chiara Corbella Petrillo: 21st Century Witness to Love

Source: Chiara Corbella Petrillo: 21st Century Witness to Love

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Published on Jun 18, 2013

Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks to St. Catherine of Siena (14th Century religious mystic and Doctor of the Church) regarding the sin of homosexuality. This clip is taken from the St. Catherine’s famous dialogues (St. Catherine of Siena, El diálogo, in Obras de Santa Catalina de Siena, Madrid: BAC, 1991, p. 292).



NOTE:  Very interesting commentary given to a Saint about the sickness of Homosexuality.  Not called a sickness anymore because they found it easier to let it run rampant in our day like a plague.


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Source: Vatican’s Chief of Doctrine Condemns Liberalism, Relativism, Nihilism

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Source: Francis Consoles the Little Sisters

NOTE:  I’ve contacted my representatives to say leave these ladies alone they don’t have to sign anything.  I suggest that we all do this contact our representatives in our areas.  Send them a copy of this story and tell them peacefully what you think.

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Source: Sympathy for the Pedophile

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Published on Sep 16, 2015

A marvellous mystic place at Assisi, from where one can go up towards the sky to pray.

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Source: The Vortex—Two Weeks to Go | The Vortex

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A Polish conservative website has recently released a short film concerning the current crisis within the Church.

Source: Crisis: Where Will the Synod Lead Us?

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Published on Oct 11, 2013

+J.M.J.+ Fr. Michael Rodriguez’s talk about the grave sins of abortion, contraception, homosexuality; what the Catholic Church teaches about these intrinsic mortal sins, and how they are a direct attack against God the Creator.
A brief summary: Contrary to some popularly voiced notions, the biggest problems facing the Catholic Church today (and consequently the world as well) are the need to restore right doctrine (truth), right morals (goodness) and right liturgy (man’s absolute and primordial duty to worship God as God commands). With regard to right doctrine and morals, three of the gravest evils in the world today, which we need to combat with all our strength and energy, are the acceptance as “ok” of contraception, abortion, and homosexuality. Father explains why these are key issues that cannot be sufficiently emphasized today, especially since the truth which the Catholic Church must always teach is hardly known, explained, or defended (even amongst Catholics). As an example, Father summarizes the truth which the Church has always proclaimed regarding homosexuality. Although he provides just a few basic points on this matter, most Catholics would not be able to list or explain these points. That should be sufficient to convince us of the need to evangelize, catechize, and labor in charity with respect to these grave evils.
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SEE ALSO:  COURAGE AGPOSTOLATE  http://couragerc.org/

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Source: Fr. John Emerson, FSSP: The Break With the SSPX

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