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Source: The Tyranny of Nice

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Source: Notre Dame Silences Faithful Priest

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Source: Planned Parenthood Praises ‘Scandal’

Its no wonder Hollywood takes a walk on the dark side most of the time.

Planned Parenthood is desperate because the conglomerate is under attack.  Its in denial because of its founder Margaret Sanger.  It wants everyone to think it has no dark ties to the past.  That it is useful for the times.

Why don’t you ask the ladies at Good Counsel Homes what they think of Planned Parenthood and what they think of Good Counsel Homes?

See:  http://www.GoodCounselHomes.org



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Published on Sep 30, 2014

Clear evidence in the world suggesting that the Consecration of Russia has not been done as Our Lady asked. Focusing on Mary’s promises of Russian conversion and world peace, I make the case that we have yet to see either of these. Did you know that Portugal was consecrated? Can you guess what happened after?

I know this is a very controversial subject. I know many faithful Catholics who disagree with me on this issue, but I really think that the conditions required for a valid consecration have not been met.

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Uploaded on Dec 9, 2010

Are the environmental movements and groups simply devoted to laudable, correct stewardship of God’s creation, or do they have a more sinister, hidden agenda? Is “global warming” being used as an excuse for something far darker? Is the final goal of the liberal elites behind the push of junk science population control, eugenics and Gaia worship?

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The Pope: Separation Can Be Morally Necessary

Source: The Pope: Separation Can Be Morally Necessary

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Unwanted Baby Given a Dignified Burial

Source: Unwanted Baby Given a Dignified Burial

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Source: Culture Wars and Fidelity Press – Subscriptions and Orders

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Published on Nov 24, 2015

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Published on Jul 17, 2014

Is Pope Francis really the “false prophet” of Revelation as many people are claiming? Here I try to separate fact from fiction about our new Pontiff while explaining the spiritual dangers of false prophecy. While true prophecy is a great blessing, its discernment is best left in the hands of the Church.

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