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June 24, 2015

“This week Michael Voris looks at the science behind climate change and its role in Pope Francis’ new encyclical. Guests include Dr. Calvin Beisner, Founder and National Spokesman for Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, Lord Christopher Monckton, Chief Policy Advisor for the Science and Public Policy Institute, and Michael Hichborn, Founder of the Lepanto Institute.”

Source: Mic’d Up—Climate Confusion

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Good one……………

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

I’m out of time, but here’s two good videos.  If the language is bothering folks, please let me know and I’ll stop posting this stuff, but this is too good.  A really radical, out n’ proud lesbian feminist in Canada not only wore the hijab in a Canadian mosque but also agreed to enter through a back door – as fitting for a woman – and then sat in a back corner, because everyone knows God finds the sight of women horribly offensive, so offensive that their mere presence somehow magically invalidates any prayers offered:

Moronic PM Justin Trudeau was asked about this, and all he could do was blather meaningless platitudes that said absolutely nothing other than the tired leftist mantra, “diversity is our greatest source of strength” (which has, BTW, never even been remotely proven, or even grounds established  upon which the claim could be based):

His response…

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russian politician, Putin is the current President of the Russian Federation since May 7, 2012


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This Blogger would like to see better relations between Russia and America.

“Speaking at an international forum on the Arctic organised by Russia in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, Putin once again denied any Kremlin involvement in the US election last year, slamming the recent accusations as “absurd” and “irresponsible.”

“We are just waiting for when the situation improves,” Putin said in televised comments. “When it’s over, I hope we decide on holding a meeting” with Trump.

Putin said he would be keen for their first face-to-face talks to happen at the G20 summit in July or earlier, for example at a summit Finland may host after becoming chair of the Arctic Council intergovernmental forum in May.

“Such events should be prepared by both sides. If it happens, then we would be glad, I would be glad, to take part in this event,” Putin said at the forum, which Finnish President Sauli Niinisto is also attending.”


Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/putin-glad-meet-trump-g20-earlier-003423625.html

NOTE: “Putin’s mother was a devoted Christian believer who attended the Russian Orthodox Church, and his father was an atheist.[403][404] Though his mother kept no icons at home, she attended church regularly, despite government persecution of her religion at that time. His mother secretly baptized him as a baby, and she regularly took him to services.[32]

According to Putin, his religious awakening began after a serious car crash involving his wife in 1993, and a life-threatening fire that burned down their dacha in August 1996.[404] Shortly before an official visit to Israel, Putin’s mother gave him his baptismal cross, telling him to get it blessed. Putin states, “I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.”[32] When asked in 2007 whether he believes in God, he responded, “… There are things I believe, which should not in my position, at least, be shared with the public at large for everybody’s consumption because that would look like self-advertising or a political striptease.”[405] Putin’s rumoured confessor is Russian Orthodox Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov.[406]

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“In their annual report on Italy released Tuesday, the U.N.’s Human Rights Committee is saying women in Italy are having “difficulties in accessing legal abortions owing to the high number of physicians who refuse to perform abortions for reasons of conscience.” The report alleges the lack of willing abortionists is resulting in “a significant number of clandestine abortions being carried out,” but doesn’t back up the claim with any statistics.”

“In pressuring sovereign countries like Italy to conform to the U.N.’s standards of immoral practices, the U.N. has seemingly violated its own previous resolution of the U.N. General Assembly regarding “Respect for the principles of national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of States in their electoral processes (1996).”

“In this resolution the U.N. affirmed that nothing in their Charter “shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the Charter.”

“Furthermore, their resolution had reaffirmed the “the right to self-determination, by virtue of which all peoples can freely determine, without external interference, their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”


Report expresses concern that too many doctors are opting out

Source: UN Pushes Italy to Supply Abortionists

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Its not longer separation of Church and State but Church in pocket of the State?  Say I don’t see any young seminarians in Belgium?  Not in this picture at least.


Catholic Professor thrown under the bus for standing for Church teaching on Abortion

Source: Belgian Bishops Refuse to Call Abortion Murder

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Munich diocese has only one seminarian this year

Source: Cdl. Marx Proposes Lay-Run Parishes and Married Priests


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Church Leftists Reach Endgame in Germany

Church Leftists……..

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

Citing the very problems they and their leftist-modernist ideology have created by gutting the Faith of any transcendence and meaning, leader of the modernist faction Cardinal Karl Reinhard Marx declares that due to the absence of priests (and because this is what he and his cohort have always sought), German bishops will soon choose to make recourse to lay-run and administered parishes, while also hinting they plan on moving ahead with married priests, which means the Vatican will instantly follow.  The Vatican will follow, because, after all, the multi-billion dollar a year warchest the German bishops pilfer from mostly former Catholics is a source of funding too lucrative to ignore, and so whatever the sons of Luther German bishops want, the German bishops get:

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx plans to allow lay people in his archdiocese to run parishes in response to the priest shortage there and is also…

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