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Is Islam an inherently violent religion?

Source: Muslim Terror on the Rise

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Bill Nye The Science Lie…………….

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I remember back in college, having the pathetic choice of only 30 or 40 basic cable channels to choose from, being annoyed that it seemed like Bill Nye The Science Guy show was on about 4 different channels at least 8 hours a day.  I couldn’t surf through the lineup without seeing him at least twice, it seemed, just about any time of day.

I never found his program compelling, as it was full of that same smug condescension that leftists always resort to when talking to children.  Not only that, but its self-importance was over the top.

And yet from that program, an entire generation of kids, broadly speaking, is apparently convinced that Bill Nye – whose educational credentials (BSME) certainly do not exceed my own, and I have decades experience actually designing and fabricating highest-tech products in my bag – is one of the world’s great experts in…

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Published on May 4, 2017

An AP year-long investigation into public schools in America reveals the massive scandal of nearly two thousand instances of reported sexual assaults on students as young as 5 years old over the past four years. Dozens of new cases are reported each week, and experts agree that many more cases go unreported in what is a national scandal of unprecedented proportions.

Michael Matt discusses the nightmare that is a federal apparatus of mass brainwashing worthy of something right out of George Orwell. But the question is: why? Why are they doing this? What’s behind the systematic indoctrination of America’s kids, which is turning our children into monsters and our schools into ideological concentration camps?

The Associated Press sees the problem of sexual abuse in U.S. public schools as so serious that they even recommend home-schooling as one option in escaping the growing threat.

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Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-officials-apos-convinced-213833997.html

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Folks, this Blogger and American is wondering the same thing that the White House is also.  I’m becoming everyday convinced this is a Witch Hunt of verbal kind.  Everyday we see more and more pot shots taken at the President and the White House Staff. I’m sick of it and so you also should be to.  I’m not a great historian but I have never seen this much vitriol spewed at any President in America’s History.  Its disgusting and I for one want to see this President get on with his Administration.

How soon we forget the Impeachment process of the Clinton Administration.  He was pretty much forgiven and had his chance to serve.  If you have no mud to sling and make it stick lets get on with the “show”. 

This Blogger and American recommends that peacefully and respectfully write your Representatives and tell them we have had enough.  Tell your Reps. politely and respectfully to cr__ with some information or get off the Pot. We want to see our country up and running efficiently etc.

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Guilty merely by virtue of being white, cisgendered and heterosexual

Source: Catholics, Social Justice Warriors and Identity Politics, Part I

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Published on May 28, 2017

The pro-life movement is divided over the case of a pregnant high school student who violated her Christian school chastity pledge and will be barred from “walking” at her graduation ceremony. The young lady is complaining to the New York Times, the mainstream media are crucifying the school principal, and some pro-life groups are accusing the Christian school of a form of “shaming” that will lead to more abortions. So, what’s going on here, and why isn’t every pro-life group in America supporting this Christian school’s efforts to fight the fundamental cause of abortion among teens–premarital sex? Is the pro-life movement lowering the bar on promiscuity? Plus, what is a ‘pro-life feminist’?


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Reacts to threats of sanctions for refusing migrants

Source: Polish PM Warns Europe About Accepting More Muslim Migrants

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Revisiting the digitally remastered second season of our flagship show.

Source: One True Faith: The Crusades and the Inquisition



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Why order Catholics to get permission before divorcing if no one does so?

Source: Does Canon Law Forbid No-Fault Divorce?

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Viewed 10,000 times in two weeks

Source: Ad of Child With Down Syndrome Goes Viral

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