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Dr. Taylor Marshall

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Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses his new book Infiltration: the Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church from Within and discusses Alta Vendita, La Salette, St Michael Prayer, Modernism, etc.

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A Huge Update From Japan From Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ

via Complete Report From Japan By Representatives From Ordo Militaris Catholicus — Ordo Militaris Radio

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“What is Total Consecration to Mary?
Consecration means setting yourself aside for service to God. The Church has always advocated consecrating yourself to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary, the perfect model of discipleship.
From the earliest known prayer to Mary, the Sub Tuum Praesidium (c. 200) to St. John Damascene (d. 750) to St. Louis de Montfort (d. 1716), devotion to Mary and total consecration to her have ancient roots. In our times Pope John Paul II recommended an “act of entrustment” to Mary (his papal motto was an enthusiastic Totus Tuus-“Totally Yours”). St. Maximilian Kolbe adds a strong missionary dimension to Marian consecration.
Marian consecration, therefore, is no archaic spirituality but is a living and active means of advancing the Faith as a People of God. It is not just another “devotion,” but is a complete spirituality, one not lightly undertaken.
In 1992 the Holy Father developed our understanding of this consecration even further. By dying for another and “consecrating his life to the lmmaculate Virgin,” St. Maximilian has become, suggested the Holy Father, a “prophet and a sign of the new era, the civilization of love.” St. John Paul endorsed the Kolbean example of Marian Consecration as a critical element of the “New Evangelization” for the third Christian millennium, and St. Maximilian as a primary intercessor.”

Source:  https://missionimmaculata.com/index.php/marian-spirituality-consecration/how-to-make-your-consecration-to-mary

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“The longer the absence of the pre-calculated “mussed” single hair on the politician’s head, the better. Presentation now bends the knee to substance. But again, what French and Kristol fail to appreciate in the Trump revolution is not only its forthrightness, but the intellectual source of that forthrightness.” 

“America must acknowledge its Thomistic roots, or perish.”

Source Article: https://humanevents.com/2019/05/24/american-catholicism-the-retrogrades-intellectual-tradition/?utm_referrer=https://t.co/er0z23UN3o?amp=1

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Just a reminder to us for the definition of forthright.  Its a great word which has been eclipsed in our politically correct society for far too long. Definition:


(of a person or their manner or speech) direct and outspoken; straightforward and honest.
“his most forthright attack yet on the reforms”
frank · direct · straightforward · honest · candid · open · sincere · straight · [more]
proceeding directly forward.
directly forward.

Just for the record the word “Trump” should be used as a example of this definition in the description.

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Filmmaking talent threatens to boycott state over pro-life law

Source: Revolting Hollywood Threatens Georgia

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Source: https://www.ordo-militaris.us/books/?fbclid=IwAR35xNDpXS5zbVZsRfUqMFg8paINV8SIupBSLLJiQY1Bgv0J-ARvB6wAyhQ

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Correspondence proves Wuerl knew about penalties imposed on homosexual predator

Source: Newly Published McCarrick Letters Vindicate Viganò

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The patriotic party saw its strongest ever result with 46% of the vote

Source: EU Elections: ‘Disaster’ for Globalists in Poland as Gov’t. Storms to Record Victory

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Disastrous consequences from the Vatican-China accord

Source: Being Fooled Twice

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Please read our Original Proposal Teilhardian Evolution and the Amazonian Synod: The Nest of the Antichrist “You shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil” (Gen 3:5) Introduction Teilhardian evolutionary theory, which is the dominant theology of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis (see our article The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with…

Quoted also from the article:

St. Thomas writes:
“I answer that, God is in all things; not, indeed, as part of their essence, nor as an accident; but as an agent is present to that upon which it works…Now since God causes this effect in things not only when they first begin to be, but as long as they are preserved in being; as light is caused in the air by the sun as long as the air remains illuminated…. Therefore as long as a thing has being, God must be present to it, according to its mode of being Hence it must be that God is in all things, and innermostly.” (ST I, Q. 8, A.1).
The created being and existence of all things is both initially and continuously the fruit of God’s creative power and “work”, and therefore there is nothing which possesses being outside of God. All of creation, while it is “distinct” from God, yet in no way is separate from God, and therefore does nothing to compromise His Infinitude.
Second, since we were created out of nothing, our created being is in no way to be ontologically identified with God, or as being “part” of God, or as an “emanation” of God, or of containing anything in its nature which is divine. Our existence is wholly “by God and in God”, but this “in” God has nothing in it which speaks of us as possessing even one iota of the divine nature. We are truly created out of nothing, and this “out of nothing” precludes us possessing anything divine in our nature. It also makes absolutely inappropriate any use of the concept of “emanation” when speaking of creation in its relationship to God. We need be deeply suspicious of the thought and writing of any person who claims to be an orthodox Catholic while at the same time employing any language which speaks of “emanations” from God. And this is true no matter how vociferous may be his or her claim to believing in creation ex nihilo.
To summarize (and emphasize): it is only the Catholic doctrine of creation ex nihilo, when properly understood, which enables us to understand that while being absolutely ontologically distinct from God, we are in no way separate from God. Without this clear understanding of the doctrine of creation ex nihilo, the fundamental relationship between man and God necessarily becomes distorted and perverted, and the long trek of Gnosticism down through history, in all its varied forms, begins.
The “classical” forms of Christian Gnosticism of the earliest centuries comprise a vast array of syncretizations between Christianity and various forms of pagan and pre-Christian Gnostic cosmologies and mythologies. A number of theories have been propounded concerning the ultimate source of Gnosticism – India, Egypt, Syria, Persia. The solution to this question of origins matters nothing to our present inquiry. In fact, it would seem that the basic intellectual perversions integral to Gnosticism reach to such a depth of man’s fallen nature as to indicate its presence, in one form or another, in every culture which has managed to conceive of an Infinite God or Absolute.
All forms of Gnosticism are pantheistic. As Fr. Arendzen points out in his Catholic Encyclopedia article, all the early forms of Christian Gnosticism postulated what really amounts to some sort of “decay” in the Godhead (thus the contradiction inherent in these systems) in order to account for a finite world existing alongside an allegedly infinite Being. In effect, early Christian Gnosticism filled the “space” between God and man with a bewildering company of emanations or births of lesser beings which account for this “decay” away from the Absolute, and thus the existence of a finite world. And since the finite world’s existence is due to births or emanations from the Godhead, all of creation itself, and especially man, must be considered to possess at least a “spark” of the divine within its created nature (thus the pantheism). The entire concept of salvation then becomes a matter of “return” of the entire cosmos to the Godhead – this return being achieved through what is usually a secret or esoteric gnosis or knowledge of this divine origin.”


via Teilhardian Evolution and the Amazon Synod: The Nest of the Antichrist — Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church

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