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Fischer requested, according to officials from the Catholic Church of Iceland, that he be “buried as a Catholic”

The Redemption of Chess Legend Bobby Fischer (churchmilitant.com)

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My Mom is an amazing artist!

Source: My Mom is an amazing artist!

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Enjoy, should be a good read.


American CardinalRaymond Leo Burke, 73 (link). Burke, a canon lawyer by training, has just released his own reflection onPope Francis‘s July 16 decree on the liturgy, on his own website. (link)=================”A schismatic spirit or actual schism are always gravely evil, but there is nothing about the UA [the old Latin rite of the Mass] which fosters schism.”—Cardinal Raymond Burke, in the text below, released today, July 22, in Rome”For those of us who knew the UA in the past, like myself, it is a question of an act of worship marked by a centuries-old goodness, truth and beauty.”—Cardinal Burke, in the same textI knew its attraction from my childhood and indeed became very attached to it. Having been privileged to assist the priest as a Mass Server from the time…

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Interesting post.


Eeyore’s Cabinet: The Paradoxes of Woke Racism

Part Two

By: Victor Davis Hanson

 Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

July 2, 2021


Here are the last two of five observations about our current woke racial mania.
4. What were race relations like before the death of George Floyd? Did stats show that of the millions arrested each year by police, unarmed blacks were disproportionally lethally shot? Does a systemically racist country in the last twelve years elect both a black president and a black vice president? Does a racist nation canonize affirmative action for 55 years that provides reparatory preferences to those who are nonwhite as a means to ensure equality of opportunity in reaction to the past racism of those mostly now dead? 
Does a contemporary racist country strive to achieve minority unemployment in 2019 of 2.5 percent for Asian-Americans, 3.9 percent for Latinos, and 5.5…

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Indian Reservation Schools

See this link: Indian Residential Schools – YouTube

See this link also: The Truth About The Canadian Catholic Scandal by Return To Tradition • A podcast on Anchor

and this

Disclaimer: I of course do not condone abuse in any form. I do believe that the history record should be looked at very carefully before we act out in a negative manner against anyone.

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Abortion activists desecrated a statue of Jesus in Arkansas early Friday morning by hanging a banner with the words “God Bless Abortions” written in red across it. KNWA FOX 24 reports the pro-abortion group Indecline, which also bragged about vandalizing a billboard in Mississippi earlier this year, took credit for the act. The Christ of the Ozarks is […]

Source: Abortion Activists Desecrate Statue of Jesus, Hang “God Bless Abortions” Banner on It – LifeNews.com

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Yes, Bishop Callahan please do retract…..please do.



Through his Intercession, we Humbly ask that Bishop Callahan would Retract his Unprincipled Decision about Fr. Altman

Canonization Prayer – Diocese of La Crosse

Father Walijewski, pray for Bishop Callahan!

At this moment, the eyes of the Catholic world are on the little Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, where news has recently broken that Father James Altman has been removed as pastor of his parish, and even had his priestly faculties indefinitely suspended, by Bishop William P. Callahan, O.F.M. Conv., for reasons ranging from the incomprehensible to the outrageous. Admonished for his supposedly infelicitous “manner and tone” and accused of a lack of pastoral “efficacy,” Father Altman is said to have sought—or, at the very least, to have permitted to spring up around him—a “cult of personality” intolerable in priestly ministry. All of this is mystifying at best when Father Altman himself merely insists, and demonstrates by his actions the authenticity of this insistence…

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Article a must read.


Eeyore ’s Corner: From Hippies to Yuppies to Our Puppies?Part Two: Yuppiedom
By: Victor Davis HansonVictor Davis Hanson // Private PapersJuly 8, 2021


The nihilism of the protests movements, the drop-outs’ human wreckage, the end of the draft and American involvement in Vietnam, and the ‘silent majority’ reaction to hippiness, all ended the Sixites, albeit in the 1970s. George McGovern’s landslide loss to Richard Nixon in 1972 marked the beginning of the end of the age of protest.
Both the right-wing insurance agent and the aging professor, like the silly Dionysiac outfitted Teiresias and Cadmus in EuripidesBacchae, now wore paisley and bell-bottoms, and viewedDeep Throat, but, otherwise, America was on to taste and the good life.
Even Watergate hysterias could not save the now despised hard Left. Jimmy Carter was in 1976 elected on the basis of his southern accent, the downfall of Nixon, and the ruse of Democratic centralism…

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Article a must read……



Did Anti-Fr. Altmann Bp. Callahan think his Apparent Friend Disgraced Gay Archbishop Rembert Weakland had an Infelicitous “Manner and Tone”?

I'm shocked, shocked to find out that this was going on - Captain Renault |  Meme Generator

Fr.James Altman was banished as pastor of his parish and even had his priestly faculties indefinitely suspended by Bishop William P. Callahan for reasons ranging from the incomprehensible to the outrageous. Admonished for his supposedlyinfelicitous “manner and tone” and accused of a lack of pastoral “efficacy.”

It appears thatCallahan didn’t think his apparent friend disgraced gay ArchbishopRembert Weakland had aninfelicitous “manner and tone” and a lack of pastoral “efficacy” as revealed by theBadger Catholicwebsite in 2009:

Earlier this weekI postedthat I had heard that Bishop Callahan would be one possible suitors to the Diocese of La Crosse. Thanks to a commenter I looked into him further.

Here is a report from May 13, 2009 on Callahan’s response in the wake of Weakland’s book…

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Those Black Extremists Who Shut Down I-95 May Be Knocking on Your Door Soon

Published2 hours ago

onJuly 8, 2021

BySamantha Chang, The Western Journal

If you listen to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the biggest threat facing all Americans is “white supremacy.”

While Democrats and the establishment media overhype this phantom entity as animminent existential threat, they ignore the actual threat posed by armed militia groups comprised of black and brown separatists who commit crimes while claiming exemption from U.S. laws.

On Saturday, 10 adult men and one 17-year-old were arrested after their eight-hour armed standoff with Massachusetts State Police shut down Interstate 95, according toWCVB-TV.https://lockerdome.com/lad/10817563773098342?pubid=ld-7985-7177&pubo=https%3A%2F%2Fflagandcross.com&rid=&width=740

Trending:We Feel Like We’re on a Terror Watch List: FBI Won’t Stop Harassing Couple Who Never Entered Capitol on Jan. 6

At their arraignment Wednesday, Conrad Pierre of Baldwin,New York, “was combative and…

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