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ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/hopeful-at-the-march

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“Three days after Ukraine’s Feast of Epiphany, the Ukrainian Catholic bishops of the United States urged people to “not look away” from the Eastern European nation as it’s threatened by an impending Russian attack. In a Jan. 22 statement from the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, the bishops made a thinly veiled comparison of Ukraine’s oppressor, Russian president Vladimir Putin, to the biblical King Herod (who sought the annihilation of the infant Jesus). 

The bishops related:

Herod appears a homicidal tyrant craving hegemony, who massacres innocent children in Bethlehem in order to kill the Messiah — a vivid image of the lust for power. The Holy Infant, bringing salvation to all, was a menace to a tyrant pathetically clinging to his self-importance … is the Ukrainian people’s exercise of their God-given dignity a threat to a modern Herod’s thirst for power and hegemony?

The bishops further described how the human dignity God bestowed on mankind threatens those in power who seek the creation of empires and the domination of others. Political observers noted communist Russia once controlled Ukraine, the second-largest country (by area) in Europe after Russia, and speculated Putin aspires to regain control of the former Soviet satellite.”

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/catholic-ukrainian-bishops-implore-people-to-pray

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“The Church Militant contributor, who plans to open a conversion therapy center in Florida in 2022, elaborated: 

At my most sinful, at my most unrepentant, at my most wretched, I never dreamed of disputing the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. What kind of person demands that the Bride of Christ throw away her hard truths to lie to them in hopes they will feel a bit better about themselves? And what kind of worthless Church would entertain such a demand? Holy Mother Church was founded on a rock and a Cross — not a hug.

The truth often hurts. Indeed, we are invited every day to consider the agonies of a Man on a Cross as the key to understanding the nature of reality and our place in it. Disordered and damaged homosexuals need tough love by the truckload, as I know personally. The responsibility of German clerics is to endure their torments and help others through them, not refashion the world to excuse them.” 

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/lgbt-clergy-laity-stage-biggest-revolt-yet

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“Soros and the Open Society Foundations’ billions look to be a one-way flow of leftist funding.” 

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/our-sunday-visitor-denies-ties-to-soros-cash

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ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/finnish-christian-under-fire

NOTE: One could counter claim that the minority in this case is stepping on the religious and right to speech of the Christian. Keep in mind Hitler put the Christian to death. Hitler’s regime was a Pagan regime.

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“This decline is primarily due to the fact that most victims take decades to report the abuse they experienced.”

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/no-mr-donohue-the-abuse-crisis-is-not-over

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A ‘response.’

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-church-militant-nut-jobs

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Ruling elite relentless (I wonder why? Hmm could it be because someone might lose money and control over the people? If they find out the health world is a scam and a money maker to boot at our expense? Not barring danger of course and real medicine in health.). Interesting people don’t you think? Hmm, is this 1938 in some respects?

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/unvaxxed-feeling-the-heat

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Parolin rejects conscientious objection for corrupt pharma’s tainted jab

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/vatican-grants-pfizer-abortion-absolution

NOTE: People, you do realize that modern medicine is behind the times regarding health. It needs to change. This is really all about the money. Ask: Why are Americans so unhealthy? Also ask yourselves why there is no cure for many ailments today after so many years? They want you sick so you can’t recover. It’s about the bottom line. Ask yourselves why there is another side pushing for better modern healthcare because the mode in America is outdated and expensive. The we have now is pushed on purpose. It makes money over real health. Question me on this and write your Representatives. Prove me wrong. Do the research yourself. I wonder if the Vatican has stocks in drug companies?

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Limiting child murder vs. taxpayer subsidization

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/dueling-abortion-bills

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