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“They live now in paved environments thickly lacquered with pride, environments that foster delusions of human self-sufficiency. Proclaiming themselves “self-made,” they fall prey to ideologies that revere the self-will whereby idolatry deceives and manipulates human wills for purposes informed by the imaginings of tyrant hearts, their passions loosed from all reverence for God’s authoritytheir minds devising evils continually — which they call good.

This train of thought announced itself as I read about a panel of “professors” at the putatively Catholic University of Notre Dame whose members decried the pro-life movement as “white supremacist” and racist. They proclaim that the murderous sacrifice of nascent human offspring is somehow good for blacks and other people throughout the world.” 

Dr. Alan Keyes: Lack of material challenges suppresses soul’s love of God

Source: In Africa, the Light of Simply Trusting God Still Shines

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Fr. Odozor:

Source: Africa: No Communion to Civilly Remarried

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Jeff Sachs



Source:  http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/2905-sachs-watch-white-man-lectures-black-man

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“We get scared… we are really struggling.”

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Malawi where, right now, a terrible situation is rapidly unfolding.

Southern Africa is facing its worst food crisis in many years. A horrible combination of floods and drought has devastated crops, leaving millions on the brink of starvation. None of the people we’ve spoken to know for sure how they will survive the coming months.

One of them is Yamikani who, at just 14, has been orphaned and left to look after her two younger brothers – Amos, 12, and Promise, three – alone.

Sitting outside the family’s mud brick home, Yamikani whispers: “It’s painful not to have our parents and grandparents here with us. We get scared at night time and we are really struggling with hunger. We planted some maize but it died with too much sun. I go into other people’s fields to look for any left-over maize, but find very little.”

And yet, amid such worry and fear, there is hope. Yamikani and her brothers are guaranteed at least one good meal every day – simply because your continued support of Mary’s Meals makes it possible for us to go on working at their local school, Chigona Primary.

During this time of crisis, our daily meals are not just a powerful incentive to come to school, but a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in desperate need of nourishment.

Even now, our work and your generosity allows children to set their sights on brighter futures. Yamikani tells us: “Exams are the most important thing. I would like to be a nurse – a midwife!”

We are determined to continue feeding the 1,101,206 children who already depend on our school feeding program – and we are desperate to, as funds allow, expand to reach even more. Please help us if you can.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
Founder and CEO, Mary’s Meals

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“Friday was their day of prayer and that the Church only had right to worship on Sundays.”

For Article: http://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2016/07/16/over-200-muslim-youths-run-amok-destroy-catholic-church-near-abuja/

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Source: The Vortex—The Saint Solution

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The above is a an EWTN newshow about Bishop Ghassis and others.  The main story is about the tensions and violence in the Sudan.

Bishop Macram Ghassis is heroically shepherding his people in one of the most fought over properties on the continent of Africa.  Its oil rich and it has to be shared by the North and the South.

The North is dominated by the Muslims and the South is inhabited by the Christian and Animists groups.  In order to achieve peace both the North and the South can exist and they can share the oil profits for each country.

They can peacefully co-exist and build a better future for both the North and South.

We in the Christian community can help in a small way.  You can pray or you can donate to Bishop Ghassis.  You dont have to give much just what you can afford.  He needs our help.

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