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Source: A “New Bomb”in the Vatican? Italian Daily Teases CDF Dossier on Cardinal Kevin Farrell – OnePeterFive

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fulton_sheen_laity.jpg“Archbishop Fulton Sheen once told a story of a man he met on one of his many plane trips. As the archbishop settled down in his seat in the hopes of taking a nap, a man sat down next to him. The man saw the archbishop in his priestly attire and introduced himself as an ex-Catholic who used to be an usher at a local parish. The man immediately began tearing into the Church, attacking her doctrines, disciplines and culture with every attack that modernists typically throw at the Catholic faith. Bishop Sheen sat there quietly, listening to the man’s many complaints and occasionally interjecting a question. Silently, he was praying the entire time for a way to get through to this man.

After several minutes of the long tirade, by a supernatural intuition, Fulton Sheen asked the man, “So tell me, how much did you steal?” The man was silent and began trembling; finally he broke down and admitted that when he was an usher he had stolen thousands of dollars from the collection plate at his parish. Archbishop Sheen said that he knew that there must have been something more substantial behind all of the petty gripes this man had been putting forward.”



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Source: Censorship of Catholics at LMU: Double Standards in Play?

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“Maybe we should boycott the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference next.”

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That’s the implication of the data below from The American Thinker, which shows that Target’s sales have slid much farther than their competition’s, and that their market cap has taken a serious tumble.  I frequently read or hear that boycotts don’t really work, but could this be an exception, or is this sudden collapse at Targay simply coincidental?

In the wake of its five-month-long bathroom policy, Target (TGT) Corporation continues to implode.

Within a month after the misguided policy, the company’s market cap had already declined by $9 billion compared to where it should have been had Target kept its pre-April 19 correlation with its primary competitors, Walmart (WMT) and Costco (COST).

By late May, the market cap hit reached $10.5 billion.  As of the second week of June, the loss was $11 billion.

Second-quarter earnings data are now out, showing that Target’s earnings plummeted nearly 10%, with projected…

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……..is it a growing phenomenon?

A few days ago in the Washington Post, a rabidly feminist mom of two teen sons declared her antipathy for her sons for insufficiently hating their nature (as men) and buying into radfem rhetoric.  It was subsequently revealed that one of the sons of the thrice-divorced mother, who has also, hardly incidentally, had a history of tormented relationships and gives strong evidence of a borderline spectrum personality disorder, has struggled with suicidal ideation.

Thus,  mommie dearest exposes a suicidal son to national humiliation.   But I think we can rest assured there won’t be visits from the CPS to her in the near future, because some destructive beliefs and actions are approved, while others are most sharply disapproved:

On September 14, The Washington Post published what can only be described as a public display of child abuse. In an article entitled “My…

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Is Europe Finished? Not according to private revelation which we are not bound by.  This is my answer to the question above and the following article by another Catholic blogger like myself.

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Not to raise the ire of European readers – I would probably bristle somewhat at an outsider proclaiming the US finished (though, I must admit, things look decidedly bleak at present) – but as the article below notes, more and more ominous trends affecting Europe’s future continue to surface.  Probably foremost among those are the negative demographics affecting the Continent, where the native population has seemingly decided to gradually die out, to be replaced by those exotic muslim “others” so beloved of the self-anointed elite.

It’s almost as if Europe’s political masters had decided the populace could not be relied upon to support their agenda, and so are voting themselves in a new population:

Deaths that exceed births might sound like science fiction, but they are now Europe’s reality. It just happened. During 2015, 5.1 million babies were born in the EU, while 5.2 million persons died, meaning that…

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Published on May 5, 2015

Looking primarily at the accusations levied against Voris by Mark Shea, I here point out their deficiencies while clarifying some of Voris’ controversial remarks. In the end, I conclude that Michael Voris is an honest man with pure intentions who has been raised up by the Holy Spirit for specifically our times to combat the ever encroaching spiritual crisis in the Church.

Links to rebutted arguments:



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