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Cdl. Sarah: ‘We can no longer be silent’

This emptiness, said Sarah, leaves a vacuum that is then filled with the “maddest ideologies.”
“A Western society without God can become the cradle of an ethical and moral terrorism more virulent and more destructive than Islamist terrorism,” he explained.

Source: Christians Suffer Silently

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Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments (CNS) 


The cardinal said:

Some high-ranking prelates, above all those coming from opulent nations, are working to cause modifications to Christian morality with regard to the absolute respect for life from conception until natural death, the question of the divorced and civilly remarried, and other problematic family situations. These ‘guardians of the faith’ however ought not to lose sight of the fact that the problem posed by the fragmentation of the ends of marriage is a problem of natural morality.

He continued:

The great derivations became manifest when some prelates or Catholic intellectuals began to say or write ‘a green light for abortion,’ ‘a green light for euthanasia.’ Now, from the moment that Catholics abandon the teaching of Jesus and the Magisterium of the Church, they contribute to the destruction of the natural institution of marriage as well as the family and it is now the entire human family which finds itself fractured by this new betrayal on the part of priests.

During his visit to Belgium, Cardinal Sarah also gave an interview with Catholic media outlet Cathobel in which he repeated his criticism of fellow clergy.

FULL ARTICLE: http://catholicherald.co.uk/news/2018/02/28/cardinal-sarah-high-ranking-prelates-are-trying-to-change-christian-morality/#.Wpksvj5q_u0.facebook

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Cardinal Robert Sarah

Cardinal Sarah, in Belgium, spoke about the crisis of faith on the part of the church hierarchy and did not hesitate to denounce the betrayal committed by the clergy through their lack of faith.

FULL ARTICLE:  https://onepeterfive.com/cardinal-sarah-denounce-crisis-faith-betraying-clergy/

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cardinal-sarah (3)


Source: What Does Pope Francis’ Letter To Card. Sarah Really Say?

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Cdl. Robert Sarah: Clergy

Source: African Cardinal Rebukes Pro-Gay Fr. James Martin

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“Who will have the courage to rise up without weapons other than the Rosary and the Sacred Heart?”


Source: Cdl. Sarah Calls for Spiritual Counter-Revolution

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“At a conference last week in Rome, Cdl. Raymond Burke, patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, backed Cdl. Sarah.

I agree with him completely. … [T]he priest is at the head of the congregation, he’s acting in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, offering this worship to God, and so all of us are facing the Lord. He’s not turning his back on anybody. … [T]he priest, as our spiritual father, is leading us in this worship to lift our minds and hearts to God.

Bishop Dominique Rey of the diocese of Frejus-Toulon in France was the first prelate to announce he would restore ad orientem liturgy by Advent, as requested by Cdl. Sarah. Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska is already offering Mass facing east.

Bishop Gracida is encouraging people to approach their pastors prayerfully with the request to offer Mass facing the tabernacle.

First of all pray: Ask God to inspire their bishop, inspire their pastor. Secondly, they can speak to their pastor and tell them they would welcome ad orientem. If enough people in a parish tell the pastor that they’re not afraid of it, they would welcome it; the pastor would get up enough courage to do it.”

Cdl. Burke, Bp. Gracida, Bp. Morlino, Bp. Rey fully support turning east with the people

Source: Prelates Are Backing Cdl. Sarah’s Request to Face God

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