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Published on Sep 7, 2019

  • #ToHellwithVaticanII
    As Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller send letters to the College of Cardinals, warning that apostasy threatens to find its way into the tribal socialist Pan-Amazonian Synod in Rome next month, Michael J. Matt explains how October’s Synod of Bishops is on a trajectory set a half-century ago at the Second Vatican Council.
  • Matteo Salvini was pushed out of power in Italy last week, thanks largely to a Vatican-backed initiative to undermine the rosary-kissing Catholic populist who frequently called on Our Lady and the patron saints of Europe to protect Italy’s sovereignty, soul and borders. Was Salvini too Catholic for the Vatican?
  • Pope Francis says that, since God wills all religions to coexist, what He expects from us is a…. brotherhood of man? So, John Lennon was right? The Freemasons were right? George Soros is right?
  • Finally, hot off the “Unite the Clans” debate of last week’s “Editor’s Desk”, Michael calls for yet another hashtag. This time it’s #ToHellWithVaticanII
  • To hell, not with the people responsible, as only God knows their hearts and so they are His to judge. Not necessarily to hell with all 16 documents, which nobody reads anyway. But to hell with the diabolical EVENT of Vatican II — its legacy of revolution, its fundamental rupture with Tradition, and its evil spirit which has decimated the Church, wrecked the Roman Rite, left the faith of hundreds of millions in shambles, and paved the way for outrages such as the Sham-Is-On Synod.
  • We’ve all been thinking it for years. It’s time to just say it: To hell with Vatican II!
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  • BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Next to Vigano—Matteo Salvini is my hero.  One of quite a few in the Church right now.

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Cardinal Walter Brandmüller

“He questioned why nearly three-quarters of the topics treated in the June 17 document, prepared for the October synod, are only marginally related to “the Gospels and the Church.”
The Cardinal takes issue with the working document’s “very positive assessment of natural religions, including indigenous healing practices and the like, even mythical-religious practices and forms of cults,” adding that the very “notion of inculturation is perverted in the document.”
Cardinal Brandmüller then goes on to criticize the working document for pushing the “abolishment of celibacy” and introducing a path to “female priesthood.”
“It is impossible to conceal that the ‘synod’ intends to help implement two most cherished projects that heretofore have never been implemented: namely, the abolishment of celibacy and the introduction of a female priesthood – starting first with female deacons. In any event, it is about ‘accepting the role, the leadership of the woman inside the Church’ (129a3). In a similar manner, there now ‘open up new spaces for the creation of new ministries, as this historic moment calls for it. It is time to listen to the voice of the Amazon region…’ (no. 43),” he wrote.
The Cardinal brought forward how Pope John Paul II had already “stated with highest magisterial authority that it is not in the power of the Church to administer the Sacrament of Holy Orders to women.” In his 1994 Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, John Paul II declared that the Church has “no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”
The German prelate went on to criticize the working document for its “direct attack on the hierarchical-sacramental constitution of the Church, when it is being asked as to whether it would not be opportune ‘to reconsider the notion that the exercise of jurisdiction (power of government) must be linked in all areas (sacramental, judicial, administrative) and in a permanent way to the Sacrament of Holy Orders’ (no. 127).”
In conclusion, Brandmüller stated that “we are witnessing a new form of the classical Modernism of the early 20th century” in this document, which is linked with a false understanding of the development of dogma, which “is sharply opposed to the genuine Catholic understanding.”

Source Article here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cardinal-critiques-amazon-synod-working-doc-as-heretical…apostasy-urges-bishops-to-reject-it

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Catholics educate yourself in the faith. Fight and resist this heresy and apostasy.  Go before your Lord. Trust in those Priests and Bishops who reject this heresy and apostasy. Be peaceful and pray for those heretics and those who are committing apostasy in the Church.  Pray, Penance and Fasting……………………… Get to Mass. Get to Confession and Fast if you can.  Pray the Rosary as a weapon against the evil which is coming upon us and confusing many in the Church. This much you can do and stay close to your Lord and Lady in these times. 

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Doubles down on need to confront crisis of homosexuality in the clergy

Source: Cardinal Brandmüller Reaffirms Contents of Letter

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“Cardinal Burke is convinced that the use of papal titles and of papal dress after a Pope has resigned is juridically and theologically problematic and does not help the faithful to understand the true sense what has happened — something he raised in the General Congregations just before the last Conclave. “Once you renounce the will to be the Vicar of Christ on earth, then you return to what you were before,” he said.”

But regarding the abdication itself, His Eminence said: “It seems clear to me that Benedict had his full mind and that he intended to resign the Petrine office.”  

Article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/did-benedict-really-resign-gaenswein-burke-and-brandmueller-weigh-in

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The Four Cardinals on Amoris Laetitia


“So far neither Pope Francis nor the prefect of the CDF have answered the five dubia. This choice to remain silent is not without precedent. In the 7th century Pope Honorius I preferred to withhold judgment so as not to offend those who adhered to the heresy known as monothelitism (the idea that Christ possessed only one natural will). In a private letter he wrote to Sergius I, Patriarch of Constantinople — and a monothelite — he writes: “That our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son and Word of God, by whom all things were made, is Himself one, operating divine and human things, the sacred writings plainly show. Whether, however, on account of the works of the Humanity and Divinity, one or two operations ought to be proclaimed and understood, these things do not belong to us; let us leave them to the grammarians, who are accustomed to display to the young their choice derivations of words.

It was left to a subsequent Council and Pope to condemn monothelitism and censure Pope Honorius for leaving the meaning of terms to grammarians and thereby failing to exercise his Petrine authority and “illumine this Apostolic Church with the doctrine of the Apostolic tradition,” preferring instead to let it (while immaculate) “be stained by profane betrayal.” Similarly, it may be left to Pope Francis’ successor to answer these dubia and bring Amoris Laetitia out of the shadows of ambiguity into the light of clear magisterial teaching so that it can no longer be used as a basis to oppose the constant pastoral policy of the Church regarding civilly remarried divorcés.”


Source: http://www.courageouspriest.com/ambiguous-parts-amoris-laetitia?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+courageouspriest%2FqTKF+%28Courageous+Priest%29

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Cardinal Walter Brandmuller



Source: Correction of Amoris Laetitia’s Errors Will Initially Be Private, Says Cdl. Brandmüller

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