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A first in U.S. history.

Source: Federal Probe Into Catholic Church

Church Militant Article:  https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/federal-probe-into-catholic-church


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Steven Mosher: ‘That’s the recipe for the elimination of the Catholic Church, not tolerance of it’

Source: Expert Explains Vatican Compromise With Communist China

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“Over 30 years ago, I was working as the maître d’ for a high-end club frequented by entertainers of all sorts; actors, musicians, athletes, and wealthy industrialists.  One evening, I was contacted by a very high profile lady within the music business, who later revealed herself to me as a self-proclaimed satanist. She called me and asked if I could do her a huge favour by picking up a few bottles of champagne and dropping them off at her house.  She said that she had a party going on and had run out. I got the champagne and after work drove over to her house, which I had been to on a couple of occasions previously. However, I had no idea what this night had in store for me! When I arrived, she answered the door and invited me in, there were a few young people hanging around in the entrance hall including her children who were celebrating a birthday party. She took the bottles from me and gave them to her son who’s birthday it was, keeping one bottle for herself. She then beckoned me to follow her into a large study and sat me down opposite her. She poured two glasses of champagne and handed one to me, but as she did, I heard a small inner voice tell me not to drink the champagne because I needed to be alert. This turned out to be so true and a night that I will never forget as this was the night I learned about Satan’s plan to destroy the Catholic Church!”

Source Article: http://www.lepantoinstitute.org/catholic-church/high-end-fashion-designer-i-was-warned-about-homosexual-pedophile-satanic-infiltration-of-catholic-church-in-the-early-80s/

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Source Article from May 3, 2014: http://www.traditionalcatholicpriest.com/2014/05/03/scientific-evidence-of-host-particles-stomped-on-in-catholic-churches/

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Francis bends to secular world and anti-Christ leaders

Source: Is Anti-Christ Government Fit to Decide Who Leads the Church in China — or Anywhere Else?

SEE ALSO:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Jinping


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Victims, other laity demand transparency in new lawsuit

Source: Victims File Lawsuit Against All 8 Pennsylvania Catholic Dioceses

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Published on Jan 1, 2017

In lots of other areas of life as well.

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