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Catholic bishops are harming Catholic marriages.

Source: Bishops Pushing Divorce

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Source Link: http://www.courageouspriest.com/married-couples-listen?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+courageouspriest%2FqTKF+%28Courageous+Priest%29

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Source Article: http://www.padreperegrino.org/2017/10/24/family-to-priest/

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Lynette Tait promotes Holy Communion to civilly remarried, contrary to Church teaching and practice

Source: Cleveland Canon Lawyer Criticizes Catholic Teaching on Marriage

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Why order Catholics to get permission before divorcing if no one does so?

Source: Does Canon Law Forbid No-Fault Divorce?

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Published on Jan 19, 2017

Episode 16: Who won the debate? Michael Matt comments on his debate with Dale Ahlquist (Chesterton Academy) and Steve Moore at the AOTM’s town hall meeting on Pope Francis and the indissolubility of Marriage. Plus, Cardinal Carlos Caffarra, Fatima and Satan’s war on Marriage–what’s connection? The Malta Bishops put Amoris Laetitia into action, and a new promotional video from RTV answers the question: Why the catacombs?

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Cardinal Burke and the Clergy




Source: Cdl. Burke to Young Clergy: Church Can’t Change God’s Law on Marriage

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Betrothal of Joseph & Mary

BLOGGERS NOTE:  I’ve come through the worst period of the church—-The Sexual Revolution.  I’m surprised I survived it but not unscathed.  Now in my middle-age I see error of my ways and the truth of courtship which is what it has always been and should continue to be.  This is for all Catholics even in this modern world.

“Lost and Forgotten Virtues

In 2014, the Christian romance movie “Old Fashioned” appeared in theaters and reintroduced something seemingly impossible these days: an “old-fashioned-moral-and-virtue-centered” courtship in present-day America. The movie is about the courtship between Clay, a man of good virtues, and Amber, a free spirited woman. As one can imagine, viewer reactions varied largely depending on one’s disposition regarding courtship and marriage. It would be safe to say, however, that those who remembered when moral virtues were commonplace during courtship, found it pleasing. On the other hand, many of those belonging to the more recent generations where “dating” replaced “courtship,” found it eye-rolling and unrealistic. This is especially true for those who’ve replaced dating with “hooking-up.”  When asked to describe the movie, don’t be surprised to hear these people use words like “corny” and “out-of-touch.”


Source: http://www.catholic365.com/article/5222/restoring-the-sacred-rite-of-betrothal.html

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A Message for the Divorced:

The above is a radio talk on marriage, divorce and annulment regarding the Catholic Church.  I hope for many of you who are Catholics this is important for you to understand and help you through some difficult moments and times in one’s life.

Its states that a Catholic marriage isn’t an institution but a sacrament.  This tells one that marriage is serious business.

If you haven’t married or are preparing to marry I would check this book out along with your marriage classes in Pre-Cana.

I also recommend before a Catholic marriage that one look up what the sacrament is all about on the Bishop’s USCCB website.  Go to search with key words regarding marriage and do your homework.  As I have said the Catholic way of life is a serious one at that and very difficult to follow but can be a rewarding cross to bear as we have been taught by Christ.  He never said the path would be easy and it never will be until we meet up with Him.

See:  http://shop.catholic.com/product.php?productid=16958&cat=7&page=1

See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/catholicism-offers-love-lessons-contraception-fails-to-teach/

See:  http://www.ehow.com/how_5857900_annulment-catholicism.html

See:  http://www.beginningcatholic.com/catholic-annulment.html

Many have asked and I hope this is helpful to all.

Quote from Diocese of St. Cloud which has a good article on annulment and if you cant find it just do a search on annulment on their sight:

How much does the annulment procedure cost?


“An ordinary annulment is $500 with $100 being due at the time the case is submitted. The remainder can be paid in monthly payments. The Diocese of Saint Cloud heavily subsidizes the Tribunal. There are many expenses involved in the process and to help defray these expenses, you are asked to pay part of the actual costs involved. We will not impose any financial hardship on anyone. If you cannot pay the full amount, please let us know. No case will be turned down due to a person’s inability to pay the fee! Your case will be heard just like any other, and in the same amount of time. Money will never influence the work of justice.”

See Diocese of St. Cloud for information:  http://www.stcdio.org/

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