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ROME – Feb. 28, 2020: A group of Catholics, today, has issued a call to convene an international investigation into Vatican Corruption by all the Bishops of the Catholic Church “on account of the manifest grave disorder in the organs of the Apostolic See”. The effort is calling for a international inquest at which the […]

via BREAKING: Call for International Inquest into Vatican Corruption — FromRome.Info

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Premiered: Feb 7, 2020

What Catholics Believe

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom asks Fr. Jenkins about Dr. Taylor Marshall’s recent video, Can Popes Become Heretics? St Robert Bellarmine Analysis (see links below), which concerns the question, “Whether a heretical Pope can be deposed” as asked and answered by St. Robert Bellarmine in Controversies of the Christian Faith.
(This episode was filmed on 05 February 2020.)

• Can Popes Become Heretics? St Robert Bellarmine Analysis
• Sedevacantism? Can Popes Become Heretics? St Robert Bellarmine on 5 Opinions (VIDEO RELOAD)

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  See follow-up video here: https://jean2010.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/impeaching-a-pope-catholic-tradition-in-times-of-crisis/


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JANUARY 20, 2020 The Warhol Effect MICHAEL WARREN DAVIS In 2018, I wrote a column for my then-employer, the Catholic Herald, titled “Andy Warhol’s Devotion Was Almost Surreal”; the piece became our most-read article of the year. It followed on the announcement that the Vatican Museum would be exhibiting a few of Warhol’s works in the Holy […]

via I don’t say this to discourage Catholics. On the contrary. How many of these pseudo-messiahs like Andy Warhol and can we endorse before we lose heart completely? How much ground can we cede to the rising tide of liquid modernity before we take to the lifeboats? — ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP

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Classic Catholic Audiobooks

Published on Jul 22, 2019

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“Folks, despite “Catholic feminist” protestations to the contrary, our Catholic Faith is based on Patriarchs (of whom God the Father is the greatest), which is the natural order created by and through love — a love that created families (and the Church herself!) with fathers as the protective head.

If you are Catholic and you find the above images, litany, and Scripture insulting, demeaning, or offensive—or if you even just want to politely assert that they are simply wrong and old-fashioned—then you need to clear your mind and think again. Consider that your formation may be coming more from the secular culture (“the world”) than from Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.” 

Source: https://www.leilamiller.net/blog/2019/5/19/catholics-does-this-offend-you

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Source:  https://faithandmarriage.org/podcast/021-catholic-feminism-with-dr-jennifer-miller/?inf_contact_key=10647f0e8a3bcdc6a5a4a7c25ddc0aebd18a532c4142cb79caf2b269de1401fa

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Published on May 3, 2019

BILL DONOHUE, president of The Catholic League discusses the crisis of stupidity in today’s culture, the remedy, and his new book, Common Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis.









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