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ROME – Feb. 28, 2020: A group of Catholics, today, has issued a call to convene an international investigation into Vatican Corruption by all the Bishops of the Catholic Church “on account of the manifest grave disorder in the organs of the Apostolic See”. The effort is calling for a international inquest at which the […]

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Catholics urge Church leaders to address ‘terrible plague of homosexuality’

Source: Rome Protest: Laity Take Stand Against Bishops’ Silence on Abuse Crisis

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Published on Oct 6, 2018

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In which Patrick dissects the roots of the preparation problem and why we need to pray to limit the damage of this Synod at this time in the life of the Church.

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Archbishop Chaput’s shared critique of the Instrumentum Laboris (guiding prep document): https://bit.ly/2DmicRp


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Warns Communion for non-Catholics ‘absolutely, objectively’ impossible

“Intercommunion is not possible, absolutely, objectively, is not possible because the Communion is the sacramental representation of the communion in the Faith,” the Vatican’s former doctrine chief observed. “If you don’t have full communion in the Faith, it’s not possible to have full communion in the sacramental expression, especially in the Eucharist.”

Müller lamented the Holy See’s mixed messages on the issue, conceding, “I am very sad that from Rome are coming directives, which are contrary ones.”

Source: Cdl. Müller Slams Rome Over Intercommunion

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  I have to say that Cardinal Muller is one those that I am putting on my long list of hero(s) religous in the Catholic Church.  Thank you Cardinal Muller and many more for your service to the Lord.


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My fellow Marian Fr. Seraphim Michalenko sometimes tells story that a priest ministering in Japan shared with him in Rome. This priest was attending an international gathering of Christians from across the world, attended by foreign dignitaries. The ambassador from Japan approached the priest, verified that the priest served in Japan and was a Catholic priest, and then said, ” War is your fault. “

The priest was surprised and asked what the ambassador meant. The ambassador said, “You Catholics, all of you —we do not have peace in the world. It is your fault. “

The priest said, Ambassador, why do you blame us? “

The ambassador said, ” I’ve read about this. The Lady came to you at Fatima, right? That’s what you believe? She told you what to do to secure peace in the world. Well, there’s no peace in the world, so obviously you Catholics haven’t done it. “

The priest had to acknowledge that the ambassador was correct, but still tried to protest, saying. “Isn’t peace everyone’s responsibility? “

The ambassador was vehement. ” No, she came to you Catholics. Not to Buddhist. Not to Hindus. She came to you, and it is your responsibility. “

We’ve been given the answer. Pray the Rosary everyday and invite others to pray with you.

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Independent sources out an accused deacon from Maynooth’s scandal-ridden seminary

Source: Irish Seminarian Accused of Homosexual Activity Transferred to Rome

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Muslims reacting to closing of unofficial mosques throughout Italy

Source: Muslims Threaten to Pray in the Vatican

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