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The John-Henry Westen Show

Premiered: Oct 15, 2019

In this episode of The John-Henry Westen show, Westen speaks with Fr. Anthony Pillari, JCL, about priestly celibacy. Fr. Pillari, a canon lawyer and chaplain in the extraordinary form, discusses the roots of priestly celibacy and why it is a fundamental aspect of the priesthood.

In speaking about priestly celibacy, Fr. Pillari points out that married men can become priests and have in the past, look at Peter our first Pope. However, once a married man became a priest he had to pledge perpetual celibacy and in some cases left home to become a missionary. As the Amazon Synod proposes allowing married priests, The Church needs to remain faithful to tradition and ensure it is be done correctly.

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Streamed live on Jul 25, 2019

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Premiered 21 hours ago

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The (let’s face it) kooky “working document” for the upcoming Pan Amazonian Synod in October has a lot of people scratching their heads if not outright worried about what’s in store.

I give the biblical and traditional evidence for celibacy and offer some thoughts to those who are vexed by the prospect of liberal bishops trying to drop the beautiful and badly needed lifestyle — starting with remote rainforest, and ending in your hometown.

Stuff mentioned:

Summary of Working Document on Synod:

Bible verses:

Jer. 16:1-2
Ex. 9:15
Deut. 5:28
Mt 19
Mt 22
1 Cor. 7:32
1 Cor. 7:38
1 Tim. 3
1 Tim. 4:1-3

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Source: https://gloria.tv/article/PRV2YJx1AKsU1dKu88KDWnLmf?fbclid=IwAR0WyPivZ8TVTe3jIUdpnYd2PEXUUojq9cSbeOhPjPxIzK0Nd-L1K9Tmi3I

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“Along this journey, however, I had to learn that chastity was not the same thing as abstinence and celibacy. In short, chastity pertains to the state of one’s heart, abstinence pertains to behavior, and celibacy is a discipline. Furthermore, the state of celibacy without an openness to chastity is nothing more than prolonged abstinence. Alongside recognizing these distinctions, I was re-learning the meaning of holiness itself. Before, i thought it was about doing the right things. Today, I know it is about having the right state of heart; a heart that is striving to be fully open to the Lord. That means, however, striving to be fully open to dying to self and to our earthly attachments, so that we may be able to fully abandon ourselves to Him.”



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