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Phyllis Schlafly was a fierce opponent of marxist ideology

Source: Celebrating a Staunch Anti-Communist on the 100th Anniversary of American Communism

BLOGGER’S NOTE AND A LITTLE HUMOR:  Remember Earl Pitts, “Earl Pitts is a fictional character performed by Gary Burbank, a radio personality from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Pitts, who is almost always referred to as “Earl Pitts, Uhmerikun” (as in “American”) is a stereotype of a redneck from the Southern United States. As such, Pitts presents a daily “editorial,” which always begins with a bugle call of “Assembly”, and the words, “Ya’ know what makes me sick?” followed by another line like, “You know what makes me so angry, ah just want to soak mah butt in a bucket of toxic waste?” Pitts then goes off on a rant, either about some cultural topic of the day as seen from a redneck point of view, or an anecdote about his home life or his job at the local tavern. His family and friends—wife Pearl, son Earl Junior, daughter Sandra Dee, and good friend Dub Meeker, among others—figure prominently in many routines. His signature ending lines are “Wake Up, Uhmerika!” and “Ah’m Earl Pitts, Uhmerikun. Pitts off!” while The Washington Post march plays in the background.” 

SO AMERICA REMEMBER THIS: “Wake Up, Uhmerika!” and “Ah’m Earl Pitts, Uhmerikun. Pitts off!”

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Abp. Viganò: ‘This process became strikingly evident in modern times’

Source: Viganò: New Church Is the Real Goal

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2019-09-03_Cdl. Angelo_De_Donatis

Vicar general of Rome establishes guidelines to build the ‘Church of the future’

Source: New Rome Pastoral Guidelines Raise Eyebrows

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Father Antonio Ishida, S.J. and his fellow priests met their deaths in Nagasaki, faithful to the end

Source: Anatomy of a Martyrdom: For Love of Souls

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Gender lobby endorsed censorship of pro-life speech and promotion of LGBTQIA+

Source: G7 Rejects Radical Abortion Push

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Caution those who believe he is only a symbol

Source: Exorcists to Jesuit Superior General: Devil Is Real

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