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With God’s grace, it’s something we can fix…

Source: A Priest Explains the Hard Truth About Why the Church Is In Decline | ChurchPOP

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“What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.”

Source: The Four Sins that Cry Out to Heaven for Vengeance | ChurchPOP

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xven-maria-700x438-jpg-pagespeed-ic-sb-u8lprpm“She began to pray and noted that she heard Angels singing and she saw the Blessed Mother and Angels ready to take her to heaven…”

Source: “She Heard Angels Singing”: The Venerable 9-Yr-Old Who Foresaw Her Own Death | ChurchPOP

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Repent! And preach the Gospel!


Source: 5 Saints Who Had Terrifying Visions of Hell

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“She was so united with Jesus that she was able to radiate not her love, but Jesus’ love through her, and with a human expression.”


Source: “A Big Discovery”: Mother Teresa’s Secret Mystical Visions of Jesus

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“My parents told him that they believed in God, and that Christ would give them the necessary help.”

Source: The Doctor Pressured My Mother to Abort Me, Cardinal Burke Reveals | ChurchPOP

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Faithful Departed

Amend your life so that you can be one of the faithful departed.


Have you ever paid specific attention to the way we pray for the dead at Mass? We don’t pray for everyone who has ever died in the history of mankind world without end amen. We pray for those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. We pray in other prayers outside of Mass for the faithful departed — those who departed full of faith.

Why is this? Because the Church recognizes, if not all Her modernist and Church of Nice bishops do, that some humans are damned. As an aside, centuries of Church tradition tell us most of humanity is damned. That’s why the distinction is made in the first place. The Church doesn’t make distinctions where distinctions are not required. There would be no purpose in praying for the faithful departed if the Church believed that everyone went to Heaven, or even if there was a reasonable hope that all men were saved and went to Heaven.

Now when you boil this down,this distinction in how the Church prays for those who have died is quite sobering. When the Church prays for those marked with the sign of faith, when it singles them out, distinguishing those marked, it is distinguishing them from those not marked with the sign of faith. When She prays for the faithful departed, She is not praying for the unfaithful departed. In short, Holy Mother Church is making a distinction between the saved and the damned.

Prayers for those in Hell have no effect. There is no hope for them. Now, the Church doesn’t say which individual souls are in Hell, which specific humans are damned, but She absolutely acknowledges that there are humans there. She acknowledges that in how She prays and what She says.

The damned are now forgotten to us, like they never existed. That’s from our perspective. If we ever encounter them again, it will be the sorriest day of our existence, for it will mean that we too have been damned. We should never mourn the damned for they are the enemies of God. We could and should mourn that they chose what they chose which resulted in their damnation, the result of their free-will choices — but even there, caution is advised.

Their freely chosen damnation is proof of the justice of God. In God’s justice, He gives a soul what the soul wants. He essentially ratifies what the soul has already chosen. He gave humans the ability to choose Him or not Him. When a person chooses not Him, then God is merely fulfilling what the person has chosen as well as His own creative action.

The damned are forever forgotten, not prayed for, unremembered, unknown. The deepest longing of the human soul is to be known in the most complete way of being known it can be — loved for itself, known, understood, embraced, caressed, thought of continually. But this desire remains eternally frustrated in Hell, where the damned are never known, not even by each other or their new and everlasting master, Satan. The just, the elect, the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering and the Church Militant have no longer any regard for them because they have chosen to separate themselves from the Church forever.

But flip this around for a moment and imagine for a terrifying moment being among the damned. Consider this despite the Church of Nice telling you it isn’t a serious threat. It is most certainly — more certain than the sun rising tomorrow — a serious threat.

Imagine being shut off for all eternity from any compassion, any caring, any concern. Far from no one to ever love you, you would never again know anyone having any concern for you, other than demons torturing you. You would be forever cut off from all care, sympathy; kind words would be replaced by the air being filled with curses and insufferable screams of terror, with your own screams being joined to the others, screams which will never be heard.

But as insufferable as they would be, you would have to suffer them, would have to come to realize, over and over again in a stunning brutal moment of clarity, that this is your lot forever, never ending. And just as you have realized that horror, then you realize it again, and again and again, throwing yourself from one agony to another. And in this nightmare you are forgotten, utterly and completely, and you are trapped forever. And the worm that Our Blessed Lord refers to when He speaks of the worm that dieth not in the fires of Gehenna is the realization that you have done this to yourself.

Love and caring and compassion did not abandon you — you abandoned them. And since you abandoned them, you have willfully placed yourself outside of the loving embrace of Jesus Christ and His Holy Bride, the Catholic Church, outside of which there is only Hell. The joyful strains of heavenly choirs will be poison to your ears. The happiness of the elect will cause you to writhe in agony because this could have been yours.

And you will live forever knowing there will never again be anyone or anything to love you. You will never be mourned for, cared for, even remembered. You are now totally forgotten because you have not the sign of faith and were among the unfaithful departed.

Amend your lives, all of us, while we still have breath and can change this outcome. It is not sealed until we die, but when we die, it is sealed forever.

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