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“The simple and evocative message of the song is that the preborn baby is fully human and deserving of Life. This message was controversial and polarizing as just one year previous, in 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. (For song see original source article link below.) 

In this political environment, an overtly Pro-Life song was seen as career-damaging. Writing for CNS News, John Stonestreet explains:

“To put it mildly, this is not what their label, Warner Records, had in mind. After all, this was less than a year since Roe had been handed down, and abortion was, if nothing else, controversial. Add in the duo’s unapologetic and urgent plea for women contemplating abortion to “stop, think it over …” and it’s no surprise their record label had some concerns.”

Source Article: https://www.texasrighttolife.com/texas-musicians-gave-up-celebrity-status-to-defend-the-preborn-lifenews/

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Published on Nov 22, 2017

In the wake of the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Hollywood’s dark and nasty underbelly is finally beginning to show. From down in the catacombs Michael Matt talks pop culture, pointing out how early Traditional Catholics were just as concerned about the rock ‘n’ roll and Hollywood-driven Sexual Revolution as they were the liturgical revolution of Vatican II. Pope Pius XI issued an encyclical warning against the motion picture industry way back in 1939. Were Catholics of the past just paranoid, or have post-Vatican II Catholics of today simply lost the ability to recognize evil when we see it? Now we have prominent cardinals in Rome eulogizing gender-benders such as David Bowie, while Neo-Catholics hope and pray that AC/DC drummer Malcolm Young is now “playing before the throne of God.” When, exactly, did the Catholic Church agree to an unconditional surrender to the cultural gods of the wasteland?

Some commenters have said that YouTube labeled this episode as “restricted content”, i. e. in the same category as violent or explicit videos. If you have that filter on (to avoid real immoral content), you’ll have to turn it off in order to view this Remnant episode.

SEE ALSO:  http://freemasonrywatch.org/bugnini_vaticanII.html

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Source: Kansas Bishop Has Mass, Adoration and Exorcism Outside Abortion Mill

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Northern Ireland's first private abortion clinic opens


Marie Stopes International, one of the largest abortion chains in the world, reportedly gave its staff incentives to encourage women to abort their unborn babie

Source: Abortion Clinic “Incentivized” Staff to Sell Abortions With Performance Bonuses for More Babies Killed

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  These are some of the heroes of America.

“Shaver told Church Militant that Felicia’s genetic counselor brought up abortion three times, saying “her genetic counselor did not give her any hope.” The genetic counselor only discussed the negatives associated with having a disabled child and “never gave her testimony of families who chose to keep their babies or enjoyed their babies.” Shaver said the genetic counselors, “Never provided any stories of hope.”  

In her investigation, Shaver said she found research that showed nearly a 60 percent chance of a false positive with the non-invasive tests for Trisomy 18. One study explained the inaccuracies of some of the newer, non-invasive tests and recommended they “must always be confirmed by invasive prenatal diagnosis.” The study further claims, “It is mandatory to inform the patient that the CVS and amniocentesis still represent the only form of prenatal diagnostic test available.” 


Bud and Tara Shaver work full-time to uncover corruption in the state’s abortion mills

Source: CM Exclusive: Interview with New Mexico’s Pro-Life Investigators

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Source Article: http://www.padreperegrino.org/2017/10/24/family-to-priest/

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Source: The Sordid History of Eugenics in America

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Feeds false big-abortion narrative of pro-lifers as violent fanatics

Source: Democrat Senator Discusses Violence Against

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New appointee experiments on human embryos for a pro-abortion institute

Source: Vatican’s Academy for Life Appoints Eugenicist

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Published on Jan 28, 2017

Two Americas. The Godly and ungodly.

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