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“In the brief reading I did on the Peruvian Pachamama traditions I learned that Pachamama is understood to be the Great Earth Mother.
Pachamama is the Supreme Goddess honoured by the indigenous people of the Andes including Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. Pachamama is referred to as both the Physical Planet Earth as well as the Universal Feminine Energy in Time and Space, The Cosmic Mother. Pacha is an archaic Quechua word meaning universe, world, time and space. So She is in fact the Goddess of all that exists for all time, eternal. 1)
She is considered the Mother who begets life, nourishes and protects. In Her role as Earth Mother, She oversees planting and harvesting and is responsible for the well-being of plants and animals. Offerings are made to Her regularly for success in all endeavours. Pachamama is often depicted as a huge Dragon as She represents the Andean Mountains. When She feels disrespected, She may cause Earthquakes. 2) The Andean People believe that recent quakes in the region are a direct result of humanity’s disregard for the planet. Pachamama is showing us Her displeasure at our attitude toward Her. The Andean People also believe Pachamama teaches us that work is a supreme virtue. For if we build, create, plant etc . . . with love in our hearts, our work will be sacred and we will be sacred. In this way, love and work may take us to a state of higher consciousness 3) much like the Karma Yoga of Eastern Religions.”

“All religions have a mythology, and Christianity has its own myth. When I use the word “myth” I am referring to the stories we tell to communicate the deeper realities of the invisible world. Pagan cultures rely heavily on myth because they do not have the particular incarnation. Myths, in their own way, are incarnations of the truth. They are attempts to communicate the invisible realities. The Christian myth is different from the pagan myths because we believe these things really happened within history. The stories carry deeper truths of the invisible world just like any myth, but with the difference that they really happened. BTW, This is one of the themes of my book The Romance of Religion.
Interestingly, the Christian myth also tells the story of a great Mother. That Mother of All Things is called Eve. Did you know that was the meaning of her name? Eve is not the serpent, but she is tempted by the serpent. Because he and his cohort were cast down from heaven to earth, the earth became the realm of the fallen angel Lucifer, Satan, the Father of Lies. The “energies” of the earth became hostage to Satan and his demons. Earth became “the silent planet” cut off from the rest of God’s cosmos and alienated from the creator. This fallen spirit tempted the Mother of All Things Eve to disobey her creator and join Satan and his demons in disobedience and become a true inhabitant and child of the silent planet. She yielded to the Dragon’s Lure and thus she and her children all became hostages to the Dragon.”

Full Source Article here: https://dwightlongenecker.com/pachamama-the-dragon-and-the-blessed-virgin/

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Source: http://breadboxmedia.com/fr-dwight-longenecker-the-future-church/

Fr. Dwight Longenecker was brought up in an Evangelical home in Pennsylvania. After graduating from the fundamentalist Bob Jones University with a degree in Speech and English, he studied theology at Oxford University. Eventually he was ordained as an Anglican priest and served as a curate, a school chaplain in Cambridge and a country parson on the Isle of Wight. In 1995, realizing that he and the Anglican Church and on divergent paths, he and his young family were received into the Catholic Church. For ten years he continued to live in England where he worked as a freelance writer and charity worker. Then in 2006 the door opened to return to the USA and be ordained as a Catholic priest. Fr Longenecker now servesas Pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, South Carolina.
Fr Longenecker is a prolific author, blogger, speaker and broadcaster. He has written twenty books on Catholic culture, apologetics and Benedictine spirituality as well as hundreds of articles for various papers, journals, websites and magazines. His award winning blog, Standing on My Head is read by thousands worldwide. Fr Longenecker’s latest book, The Mystery of the Magi explores the historical background of the three wise men. He is working on a book about C.S.Lewis’ Mere Christianity, and is developing ideas for podcast fiction, a stage play on Shakespeare and a farcical black comedy. Read his blog, browse his books and be in touch at dwightlongenecker.com

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Notre Dame De Paris

Early Notre Dame 

“A good architect will use modern materials and methods to devise a roof and spire for Notre Dame which takes advantage of up to date technologies while building a spire that is modern in style, while complementing the rest of the cathedral. The spire should be a graceful and humble accent to the Gothic masterpiece.

The traditionalist will critique such a spire for being too modern. The modernist will criticize it for being a boring replica.

A few years ago in our parish in South Carolina we built a new church in the Romanesque style. When the architect was challenged by one of his peers for simply repeating a worn out and dated style his reply was, “This style of architecture is like a sonnet. It has certain characteristics and disciplines. When you write a sonnet you stay within those boundaries, but your sonnet is original. It may be a Romanesque, but it is our Romanesque.”

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Met Gala 2018

“The whole thing came across as trailer trash with cash.

What tops it all is that Cardinal Dolan and Fr James Martin were in attendance like official chaplains to Vanity Fair.  One doesn’t want to be too much of a spoil sport, but let’s be honest–this sort of vulgarity with Catholic clergy playing along is reminiscent of the decadence of Renaissance Florence and Rome. There and then the prelates mixed with the super wealthy, either turning a blind eye on their profligacy, prostitution, racketeering and promiscuity or else justifying it and participating in it.

I wish  Michael Voris– the  Savonarola de nos jours might have turned up to turn up the volume and turn up the temperature.”

Source Article: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/2018/05/god-a-gala-and-gold-plated-chicken-wings.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=BRSS&utm_campaign=Catholic&utm_content=160

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via The Fourteen Catholic Senators Who Enabled Late Term Abortion

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Thank you Father for speaking up for the unborn.  Encouraging us to do the same.



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via Weinstein vs Wahlberg

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“The sexual libertarians will say, “This is not Puritanism. The Puritans were against sex because they thought it was dirty and bad.”

Well maybe some thought that, but not really.

Christian sexual morality is more subtle than that. I can’t speak for the Puritans, but I can explain that Catholic sexual morality is based on the innate dignity of each human being and the mutual respect that is required for true love to prosper. In other words, we’re talking about power when we talk about sex.

For Catholics the sexual act is an act of mutual self giving. The man and the woman are both created in God’s image and their complementarity is a beautiful recognition of equal respect and honor. There is no power struggle in this idea of human love. Instead each one lays down their claim to power in loving service to the other.”


Source Article: https://dwightlongenecker.com/harvey-weinstein-and-the-new-puritanism/

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