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Published on Jul 16, 2019

Michael Matt teams up with the Oken Rekishi Kenkyukai in Tokyo for a weekend conference on the principles of the French Revolution and how they impact our world still today, 230 years later.

Michael’s talk (simultaneously translated into Japanese) answers the questions: what can Catholics today learn from the French Vendeans who resisted the French Revolution to become the original Traditional Catholics?

What can the remnant of Catholic believers around the world today learn from the “first responders” against the New World Order in the Vendee as well as from “Hidden Christians” of Japan who kept the faith for over 250 years — without the mass and without priests?

This talk had to be presented in strict cooperation with the Japanese simultaneous translator. The Japanese translations were edited out but will be made available when RTV returns from Japan.

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Paris archbishop slams Macron for omitting reference to ‘Catholics’ in address to nation

Source: Rebuilding Notre Dame Gives Rise to the Dance of Identity Politics

Blogger’s Note:  Two Thumbs up to the Archbishop of Paris.

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Why are postmodern secularists weeping over a Catholic cathedral?

Source: Rebuilding Notre Dame Contradicts Everything Secular Europe Stands For

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HolyFaith Media 1

Premiered 19 hours ago

LifeSite Article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/paris-archbishop-defends-notre-dame-from-macron-this-cathedral-was-built-in-the-name-of-christ

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Published on Apr 20, 2019

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt examines the Holy Week symbolism of the French rooster. which the whole world saw plunge into the flames of Notre Dame. Was that an evil omen, or a good one?

Plus, an old and prophetic French holy card surfaces, which depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in flames. What’s the connection?

By the way, was this an accident, or was it arson?

Finally, Michael discusses what we can all do to get “our buildings” back out of the hands of those who are destroying the Church and endangering the whole world in the process. All we have to do is THIS.

In 1977, Msgr. Ducaud-Bourget and 1000 traditional Catholics did THIS just blocks from Notre Dame, and it worked!

What is THIS? It may just be why Notre Dame didn’t burn to the ground. . . at least not yet.

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2019-04-18-georgelinGen. Jean-Louis Georgelin, Benedictine oblate, has distinguished 50-year military career

Source: Five-Star General and ‘Fervent Catholic’ to Head Notre Dame Reconstruction Efforts

Prayers for the General and the Crew who will be doing this reconstruction at Notre Dame Cathedral Paris.  May the Lord look over them and that it is a smooth reconstruction.


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What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral? Flames have gutted the famous cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. All the world was drowned in…

Source: What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral? – RTO

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