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The Future of Hong Kong and Its People An important letter has been published in today’s Times from Fiona Bruce MP and Luke de Pulford, setting out the case for the cross-party Early Day Motion being tabled by around 3O MPs in the House of Commons today. Signatories include the Conservative Chair of the House […]

via Cross Party Alliance of MPs Call on The International Community To Give Hong Kong’s People a Second Citizenship And Right of Abode If Communist China Dismantles “Two Systems One Country” and Rides Roughshod Over The Rule of Law, Democracy, and Human Rights in Hong Kong. See Motion and Letter in Today’s Times newspaper…. — David Alton

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8. In par. 8 it is said that the faithful should accept the decision of their pastors. What does that mean? That they do not have the individual freedom to choose? Mustn’t their conscience be respected?
When brothers from China ask me what to do, I have always given the answer: respect the choices of others and to remain firm in the conviction of one’s conscience. This is because I have no authority to impose my views on others about what is right or wrong. But doesn’t the Holy See have the authority and therefore the duty to clarify precisely this to the members of the Church? Are the Pastoral Guidelines doing that?

Source Article:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cdl-zen-tells-pope-francis-that-vaticans-new-pastoral-doc-to-china-justifies-apostasy

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The protests in Hong Kong this month are an indicator that China’s “One Country, Two Systems” approach isn’t working. Peaceful reunification is a long shot because the two regions have opposing values, and Hongkongers just don’t identify themselves as “Chinese”.

via Why Hong Kong’s Sociocultural DNA is Hugely Different from China’s — Confounding Conditions

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“As Breitbart News reported, Hong Kong’s streets were flooded with tens of thousands of protesters Sunday, angry at the proposed extradition law allowing suspects to be sent to China for trial.
Under the 50-year handover deal with the British, China agreed to a “one country, two systems” model where Hong Kong would keep freedom of speech and assembly rights that are unheard of on the authoritarian mainland. This deal included a judiciary independent of Beijing.”

Source Article read more here: https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2019/06/10/beijing-is-obeyed-hong-kong-to-push-ahead-with-china-extradition-bill/

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By:  Helen Davidson in Hong Kong

Source Article see here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/07/the-last-fight-for-hong-kong-activists-gear-up-to-protest-extradition-law

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“Cardinal Zen: From the very beginning the Catholics faced a choice: either to accept the orders of the government, which demand that we should renounce our dependence on the pope. So, many people, probably the majority, said that we cannot do that. So, they were all sending to prison, labor camps. That means in the years 50s. And then some others, for any reason, they thought that maybe we can have some compromise. So, they accepted that control of the government, and so they could run the church for an amount of time.

And when the Cultural Revolution came even those in the above ground they were persecuted and then put into prison, labor camp, because during those same years all religions disappeared.”

Full Article:  https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/cardinal-joseph-zen-love-my-people-i-will-not-remain-silent

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