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Move seen as sign of group’s ongoing leftward drift

Source: Knights of Columbus Pledge $250K at Migrants on Southern Border

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Source Article: http://www.returntoorder.org/2014/07/saint-thomas-say-immigration-2/?pkg=rtoe0692

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Unpacking the narrative.

Source: Migrant Caravan

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Thanks Church Militant for your reporting on these main issues just to name the one mentioned here.

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We must consider consequences of illegal immigration

Source: Aborting a Child, Ending Illegal Immigration — Same Difference?

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Dear Catholics when you can please give to your Catholic Apologists.  Thank You.  Prayers help but they need to live to.

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Published on Jun 22, 2018

Former Speaker of the House NEWT GINGRICH on the latest news from Washington, D.C., the U.S. – Mexico border crisis, and his latest book, ‘Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback’. The latest news from Rome, Pope Francis’ criticism of US Immigration policy. Papal Posse.


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Illegal immigration is a business

Source: Catholic Bishops Confuse the Faithful on Immigration and Abortion

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And someone needs to tell them to.

Source: They Won’t Stop

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For Catholics that may not understand the difference or feel on the fence, on the illegal immigration issue have a read!

Human rights are universal and not limited to American citizens. As Catholics we are obliged to defend the human rights of all human beings including those who attempt to cross our borders illegally. While human rights are universal, there is no universal right to enter our country or to become an American citizen.

Immigrants are obliged to follow our laws. Catholics teaching recognizes the rights of nations to control their borders. Catholics are not obliged to support an open borders policy.

Those who enforce our immigration laws serve the public by doing a difficult and dangerous job. To threaten them with canonical penalties is offensive, especially as bishops continue to look the other way and take no action against Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion. If you disagree with the law, work to change the laws. Don’t threaten public servants who enforce them.

The United States continues to be the most generous country in the world in welcoming legal immigrants. Catholics should support a generous legal immigration policy that gives priority to immigrants who are being persecuted for religious and political reasons.

Illegal immigrants should be treated humanely. We should support policies that keep families together while asylum claims are being adjudicated. We must also recognize that not everyone who attempts to enter our country with a child always has that child’s best interests at heart. Some are taking advantage of our laws and use children to enter the country. Some are engaging in the criminal practice of human trafficking. An open borders policy also encourages many others to make a long and dangerous trip where they are exploited by criminals along the way.

It is especially hypocritical for advocates of open borders to criticize the separation of children from families which also took place under previous administrations while continuing to support policies which allow for the choice to deliberately kill a child by abortion or encourage the separation of mothers and fathers by a welfare policy which disincentives marriage.

The defense of the basic right to life remains the most important social justice issue for Catholics. Support for politicians who support a so-called “right to an abortion” cannot be justified because of an agreement with the Catholic bishops on the immigration issue.

Pope St. John Paul II reminds us, the command never to kill establishes a minimum which we must respect and from which we must start out “in order to say ‘yes’ over and over again, a ‘yes’ which will gradually embrace the entire horizon of the good” (Evangelium Vitae, 75).

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She decries separation of children in immigration while defending mothers’ choice to kill innocent children in the womb

Source: Nancy Pelosi’s Phony Outrage

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A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

Our diocesan newspaper some weeks ago had an article repealing Trump’s use of an executive order to repeal Obama’s executive order instituting the so-called Dream Act, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  DACA has been surrounded by lies and misinformation ever since Obama enacted it, probably illegally and certainly unconstitutionally back in 2012.  The USCCB has continually been in the forefront of this campaign.  I’ll excerpt a few brief bits from the article to demonstrate how this dezinformatsiya campaign works:

Lisette Moreno was just 5 years old when her parents brought her from Mexico to the United States……..[The setup Obama and the Left has used to sell DACA is that we are talking about poor teens and even younger, just little kids we’d be throwing out of the country to fend for themselves in a hellish Mexico.  Because that’s how the Left views third world countries.  If not…

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