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“Rohr teaches that Jesus (the man) is something separate from Christ, aka “the Cosmic Christ.” We discover in his talks that the “Universal Christ” is “Another Name for Every Thing.” There’s no way I can really describe what kind of nonsense this is. Here, read for yourself:
A universal notion of Christ takes mysticism beyond the mere individual and private level that has been seen as mysticism’s weakness. If authentic God experience overcomes the primary false split between yourself and the divine, then it should also overcome the equally false split between yourself and the rest of creation.
For some of us, the first split is overcome personally in an experience of Jesus, but for many others (maybe even most!), union with the divine is first experienced through the Christ: in nature, in moments of pure love, silence, inner or outer music, with animals, awe before beauty, or some kind of “Brother Sun and Sister Moon” experience. Why? Because creation itself is the first incarnation of Christ, the primary and foundational “Bible” that reveals the path to God. The first incarnation of the Christ Mystery started about 13.8 billion years ago at “The Big Bang.” So some start with Jesus, but many who began with the Christ Mystery did not have that experience validated by the Church. They looked secular, humanistic, or like mere “nature mystics.”
Folks! That is not satire! That is actually the way this priest writes and talks and believes, and it has no basis whatsoever in Christianity. Run, don’t walk, away from this nothingness disguised as enlightenment.
Oh, and you can hear “Richard” speak in May on what we less “enlightened” folks would call heterodoxy: From his upcoming speaking schedule: “We know many people are looking forward to the final conference in our seven-year series exploring Richard’s themes of an alternative orthodoxy” [emphasis mine]. Gosh, of course. Who wouldn’t want Richard’s “alternative orthodoxy” to replace actual orthodoxy? I’m sure God the Father along with both Jesus and “Cosmic Christ” are all super impressed with Richard’s new themes!
Rohr believes the Church has blocked our true understanding of the “Cosmic Christ”: That’s right. The Church is not the repository of Truth on earth, but rather the obstacle to truth! Rohr actually said this: “By proclaiming my faith in Jesus Christ, I have made two acts of faith, one in Jesus and another in Christ. The times are demanding this full Gospel of us now.” Um. He is proclaiming new revelation. A new understanding of Jesus Christ. A new gospel. But look at his courage and honesty (sarc): “I think we are all sad to admit that organized Christianity has often resisted and opposed the true coming of the Cosmic Christ. The coming of the Cosmic Christ is not the same as the growth of the Christian religion. It is the unification of all things.” He talks of Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism…. You guys, I want to say something measured, but my mind is just rebelling after reading this. I need to go dunk myself in holy water.
Rohr denies God’s created order of a male and female reality. But of course he does! He’s a leftist sexual “progressive” who states: “Binary genders (male and female) are more an imposition of our dualistic minds than the nature of reality.” Male and female—that’s a social construct dontcha know, not something real! Thankfully, he says, some Christian churches, like Episcopalians, now bless homosexual “marriage” because their “consciousness” has “moved to a higher level.” Oyyyyyyyyy!! You know, come to think of it, there’s someone else who denies the “gender binary.” Click here to see. (See Article) 
Okay, I’m just about done now. One can only sit in this goop for so long. How about just one more.”

Source Article:  https://www.leilamiller.net/blog/2019/7/16/warning-new-ager-fr-richard-rohr-is-making-a-comeback?fbclid=IwAR1eQkLLfH9jdhmh8tS0k4yh0z2eFwGb7Y8V-nxjJ6pEJKpHYbIsfoLvqOE

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“Folks, despite “Catholic feminist” protestations to the contrary, our Catholic Faith is based on Patriarchs (of whom God the Father is the greatest), which is the natural order created by and through love — a love that created families (and the Church herself!) with fathers as the protective head.

If you are Catholic and you find the above images, litany, and Scripture insulting, demeaning, or offensive—or if you even just want to politely assert that they are simply wrong and old-fashioned—then you need to clear your mind and think again. Consider that your formation may be coming more from the secular culture (“the world”) than from Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.” 

Source: https://www.leilamiller.net/blog/2019/5/19/catholics-does-this-offend-you

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