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“How happy and prudent is he who tries now in life to be what he wants to be found in death. Perfect contempt of the world, a lively desire to advance in virtue, a love for discipline, the works of penance, readiness to obey, self-denial, and the endurance of every hardship for the love of Christ — these will give a man great expectations of a happy death.

You can do many good works when in good health; what can you do when you are ill? Few are made better by sickness. Likewise they who undertake many pilgrimages seldom become holy.

Do not put your trust in friends and relatives, and do not put off the care of your soul till later, for men will forget you more quickly than you think. It is better to provide now, in time, and send some good account ahead of you than to rely on the help of others. If you do not care for your own welfare now, who will care when you are gone?

The present is very precious; these are the days of salvation; now is the acceptable time. How sad that you do not spend the time in which you might purchase everlasting life in a better way. The time will come when you will want just one day, just one hour in which to make amends, and do you know whether you will obtain it?”


Source: Thoughts on Death

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Ben Breedlove was 18 on Christmas and he had a date with death.  I found this a most profound video.  I was impressed by the peace on this young man’s face.  I found wisdom there as well for such a young soul.  He knew almost what was prepared for him during his walk with destiny.  One most thing which intrigued and delighted me most is and was his will to live under this kind of suffering.

I dont know what mysteries surround the realities of death but I do know and sense there is a God.  I cant explain it to any of you.  The only thing I can offer is that one must try to ask, “God are you there”?  After that the adventure begins.  For those of you who do not believe I can only say I feel bad for you but for those of you who do believe dont let go of the ideal.

Even if you cannot believe in a Supreme someone then try to do the best you can for humanity.

As I said before, I don’t know about these experiences which people meet during a bought with “death” but I can say that faith is just as important.   Sometimes it takes the above experience to reinforce our fledgling faith.  When you do have faith don’t ever let it go.

I’m glad we have a Ben Breedlove waiting there in Heaven and that God is waiting for all of us when the time comes.

When you find someone suffering just be very quiet and listen to the hush, God will guide you with this person during their greatest trial—The Great Sleep.

Be at peace in your lives brothers and sisters.  I’m aware it isn’t easy our trials we go through every day but be ready and relieved that you walk with God.

I believe that anything is possible especially with God.  Is there Life After Death?  My Answer:  In my journey I believe there is?  May you walk with God Ben and so all of you as well. Peace!

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