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Published on Aug 17, 2019

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Premiered Aug 13, 2019

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Under the papacy of Pope Francis, Catholics around the world are asking themselves wondering about the foundations—the claims and teachings—of the Faith. What is doctrinal and binding and what is disciplinary and optional?

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Premiered 89 minutes ago

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Last week, Father James Martin, SJ, tweeted:

“It is stupefying to me that women cannot preach at Mass. The faithful during Mass, as well as the presiders, are missing out on the wisdom, experience and inspired reflections of half of its members. St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us.”
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Premiered 7 hours ago

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It’s one of the most irritating problems in life, whether in the media ecosystem, politics, home life, or the Church: messenger-shooting.

What I mean is: we criticize and seek to silence (or shame) those who speak out either as whistleblowers, or as voices of objection raised against actual corruption.

In this video I give five examples of who this can happen:

1. In families where everyone walks on eggshells to enable the addict, and, if anyone dares to rock the boat, they are punished, or ignored, or scapegoated as a troublemaker.

2. Quillette journalist Andy Ngo brought a camera to Portland, OR, to cover the thug-coward group Antifa (you know, anti-fascist) and was “milkshaked,” surrounded and shoved, and then punched so hard he was put in the hospital. Andy was accused of being a “provocateur” who was dumb to show up there to begin with.

3. British writer (and atheist) Douglas Murray has been on the lonely forefront of candidy pointing out the dangers posed by Islamist militants in the UK. When two of them beheaded UK soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight (shouting “Allahu Akbar”), Murray covered it. For his troubles, he has been called an Islamophobe, “divisive” and a general rabble rouser. Same could be said (perhaps worse) of Tommy Robinson.

In the Church, we have:

4. Monsignor Anthony Figueredo, the erstwhile priest assistant to then Cardinal Ted McCarrick. When he went public with what he knew, he was similarly scapegoated and dismissed.

5. The highest profile of all, the open letters of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò laid bare the serious allegation that Pope Francis must have known about the homosexual predator behavior of McCarrick, and other grave offenses, and called for his resignation. Again, the liberal press—for whom Pope Francis is a central mascot figure—pounced to denounce him. The Catholic left piled on with slurs like “liar” and “careerist.” That a retired, 78-year-old archbishop was in it for career advancement beggars belief.

We’re never attract converts as long as we ignore, deny, and deflect from some obvious truths. Let’s cut the crap. The truths sets us free, particularly the uncomfortable ones.

“We go there” is the motto of Coffin Nation, THE culture building community. The summer door opening ends July 25. To join and connect with like-minded Catholics (and others), click here: http://www.coffinnation.com


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Premiered Jul 13, 2019

YES—seven reasons for hope! How easy it is to dwell on the imperfections, the corruption, even the crimes committed by some people in the Church (PS, it’s not just priests and bishops).

Bad news can be hypnotic. It’s human nature to slow down for that car crash, to go to the circus because maybe the trapeze artist might slip. Whatever it is. It’s part of our fallenness to wallow in what’s wrong instead of remembering what’s right.

So here are seven reasons why Catholics should be HOPEFUL. Get a pen. Jot these down.

And no matter what happens, God is in control, in grace we fall upward, and God is closer to us than we are to ourselves, said St. Augustine.

These are all reasons for hope.

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Premiered 20 hours ago

Our guest: Joseph Sciambra.

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Premiered 105 minutes ago

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In this video, I review a stunning new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey about birth rates and the exodus OUT of churches. There is a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll on religious attendance and the birth rate — and it is not good news. Jerry Seib has a recent article on it.

Turns out, more and more Americans are becoming nones!


Not nuns.

The rise in churchlessness is most dramatic among the ones David Bowie sang about….young Americans.

Among those aged 18 to 34, the rate saying they never attend religious services previously was no different from the oldsters across the nation…..Now the share of these young American “nones” has more than doubled, to 36%.

Crazy truth: America’s plummeting birth rate is catching up with Russia, Germany, and Japan.

Births in the U.S. have fallen in 10 of the past 11 years. The birth rate angled downward during the recession that began in 2007, and has never levelled off, and is not expected to.

We have a population problem. It’s called a population implosion.

The REAL First Commandment:

Gen 1:28
Gen 9:1
Gen 35:11

The book that explains all this:

The Contraception Deception: Catholic Teaching On Birth Control

The simple solution: STOP having sterilized sex, and START making disciples.

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