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ROUNDTABLE: Our Church – reformed or deformed?4 October 2019 at , Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio, Rome Voice of the Family will be hosting a roundtable discussion to address critical questions for the Church and for the family at the eve of the Synod …

“In its press release announcing the roundtable discussion, Voice of the Family states that “throughout the preparations for the upcoming Pan-Amazon synod, there flows a continuous thread of ideas which, taking advantage of the various synod proceedings, propose a ‘new church’ and a new concept of society.”
The statement continues:
At this stage of the so-called synodal process, the vision of the “new church” seems to aspire to a decentralised church that ceases to be universal. Such an umbrella-church could enfold a variety of beliefs and pastoral practices which may either support, obscure or choose to be silent about the perennial truths taught by the Church universally for 2,000 years.
The vision of civic society in these synods seems to aspire to a Marxist-inspired model promoting an egalitarian and ecologically minded society – a vision which draws its spiritual foundation from Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si, proposing that care for “our common home” be at the heart of our religious and moral life.”

Source: Announcing the ROUNDTABLE at the eve of the Pan-Amazon Synod

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Esteemed Catholics this is a very important event.

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Premiered 11 hours ago

Voice of the Family will be hosting a roundtable discussion to address critical questions for the Church and for the family at the eve of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region, to be held in October 2019 in Rome.

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Cardinal Raymond Burke and Steve Bannon partner on founding school in Italy

Source: Bannon-Funded Think Tank Takes on Massive Project

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“In an exclusive interview with LifeSite, Bishop Schneider expands on certain questions which arose in response to his essay: the authority of those theologians with whom he disagrees, the scope for debate in regard to this question, and the abuses which have arisen since the beginning of the last century from an exaggerated view of papal authority.” 

Source Article:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-interview-with-bishop-schneider-the-limits-of-papal-authority-and-the-fate-of-a-heretical-pope

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Published on Feb 18, 2019

Reporting from the Vatican, Michael Matt kicks off Remnant TV’s coverage of the “Protection of Minors” Summit Meeting between Francis and over 100 prominent bishops of the Catholic Church, Orthodox leaders and representatives of women’s groups. Will Archbishop Vigano’s allegations come up at all? Or will the Vatican once again say a lot of nice words and do nothing in the face of the most serious crisis in the Church since the Protestant Revolt? Plus, what are the traditionalists going to be doing in Rome this week? Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Please visit our website for up-to-the-minute coverage of events in Rome this week: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/inde…


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Published on Nov 3, 2017

The premier English-language Vatican journalist, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, offers a journalist’s objective evaluation of a climate of fear in Rome, the Synod on the Family, Amoris Laetitia, and the crisis in the Church during the reign of Pope Francis. All of the Catholic Identity Conference 2017 outstanding talks, including that of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, are available On-Demand from RemnantNewspaper.com The organizers of the CIC felt that Mr. Pentin’s most timely talk, however, should be released on YouTube immediately, and for obvious reasons.









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Capozzi scandal further proof of gay lobby in Rome

Source: Vatican Monsignor Busted in Sex Sting Protected by Powerful Clergy

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