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I suspect that those of us who grew up during the Cold War will be the ones most concerned about any major political changes (good or bad) in Russia.

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Russia’s Satan II


“Putin announced an “unstoppable” nuclear-powered “global cruise missile” that has “practically unlimited” range, then showed an animation of the device bobbing and weaving around the globe. He also played a computer animation of a high-speed, nuke-armed submarine drone blowing up ships and coastal targets.

“Russia remained and remains the largest nuclear power. Do not forget, no one really wanted to talk to us. Nobody listened to us,” Putin told a crowd in Moscow, according to a translation by Sputnik, a Russian-government-controlled news agency. “Listen now.”

David Wright, a physicist and missile expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told Business Insider that the idea of an “unstoppable” cruise missile going around the world without being detected is “fiction,” since it’d heat up to an extreme degree.

But he said that at least one device Putin showed off likely does exist.”

FULL ARTICLE BELOW: http://www.msn.com/en-au/news/techandscience/putin-just-touted-an-invincible-russian-nuclear-weapon-called-the-satan-2-heres-what-it-can-do/ar-BBJLrJ7?ocid=sf



BLOGGER’S NOTE: May God have mercy on us.





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Christians now make up 86 percent of Russian population

Source: Atheism in Russia Cut 50% in Three Years

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Published on May 20, 2017

With ‘wars and rumors of wars’ dominating news of Syria and Russia, wouldn’t the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fatima have been a good occasion for the visiting Pope Francis to obey the Mother of God and consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart? Pope Francis didn’t think so. Instead he dragged Our Lady onto the Mercy Express and ignored her requests completely. Question of the year: If Syrian President Assad is ‘gassing his own people’, why do the two million Christians in Syria support him? Michael Matt discusses this and the canonization of Jacinta and Francisco–two of the three seers of Fatima.



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Published on Feb 25, 2017

Bishop Williamson talks about Vladimir Putin, how the consecration of Russia relates to Russian Orthodox Christianity, how Putin is resisting the New World Order, how “the Russian people are a godly people,” how western media is lying about Putin and his intentions, about how Putin might eventually react (in self defense) and invade and cut through Europe “like a knife through butter,” and sometime after these events, the Pope will finally (properly) consecrate Russia (00:00).

He talks about how Russia will eventually likely become Eastern Catholic (not Latin Catholic) and then revive religion in the West. He comments also on China invading. He describes how it is possible that the eventual revival of Catholicism in Russia and the seriousness of the Russians as opposed to the “stupid silly Westerners today” will cause the West once again to put Almighty God back on His throne. The full Bishop Williamson 2017 interview is here: http://y2u.be/NwNcX1vLo6k

Fr. Malachi Martin discusses how Russia and Kiev are part of the final solution to the world problems we are in (05:23).

A discussion on the Russia in light of the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima and their conversion (06:47). An Analysis of Russia: its past, its future, its future consecration and full conversion after God allows it to be an instrument of chastisement. About Vladimir Putin, his Christian faith, and his actions promoting Christian values in public life and among the populace.

Church-approved Catholic prophecies about Russia for our times, including how it has been foretold that Russia will invade Europe and chastise corrupt Rome (11:40).

A very interesting video clip of Putin’s comments about the global “elite” (17:16).

A clip from the video “Putin: The West Has No Morals” (22:11).

A clip from a RT news video released on 2/15/17 which describes how a poll showed that 30% of right-wing and left-wing Germans trust Putin more than Merkel (25:40). Full video: http://y2u.be/I0szTKn7TVc

A clip from a RT news video released on 1/31/17 where it mentions the traditional Catholic newspaper The Remnant on a very interesting topic (26:08). Full video: http://y2u.be/CtyKToHvJI8

A clip from The Remnant’s 1/25/17 video where Michael Matt discusses the letter he sent to President Donald Trump (also mentioned in the RT broadcast) asking him to investigate the evidence that George Soros had a part to play in making sure Bergolio was considered the next Pope (26:36). Full video: http://y2u.be/9jI5OTIFPG4

The famous truther Jeff C. and a guest (on 1/30/17) discuss and expose how Trump is connected to numerous highly shady groups and the cultural Marxism and divide and conquer agenda being pushed and scripted through Trump, the Soros-funded protests and organizations, the controlled media narrative, Hollywood and celebrities, the Mexican wall controversy, etc. (28:32). They describe how most of these events and the media coverage are as staged as a WWF wrestling match. Authentic Christianity vs. Islam. How there is more divide now than ever in recent U.S. history. They discuss all the things that Trump should be doing if he was actually legit and good-willed and how the good he’s doing so far is all part of a divide and conquer agenda and narrative. The Illuminati card game. How David Icke serves the function of a gatekeeper and controlled opposition and his lizard people nonsense is done to try to discredit the whole truther movement. How they co-opt the information and add nonsense to try to brainwash people into thinking that all those seeking the truth are like David Icke and other controlled opposition gatekeepers (Alex Jones among them). How both the left and right are largely mind controlled and how the left is as moldable as silly putty. Full video: http://y2u.be/WClMIqmDOQY

Jeff C. talks about how he is being censured on YouTube and people are informing him that they are being mysteriously automatically unsubscribed from his channels (48:40).

A clip from RT’s 2/24/17 CrossTalk episode where the host says the truth: “At the end of the day, the Deep State more or less has its control on these things and the rest of it is just theatrics” (49:21).

Next are clips from Jeff C. where he talks about how six corporations own 95% of the media and control the U.S. president, and how many of the controllers are satanists (49:41). He talks about the evidence and common sense analysis showing that Donald Trump is controlled and is on board for the New World Order and that it is foolish to think that he’s going to truly oppose the NWO or help the common man long-term. Full video: http://y2u.be/TNJKc3m6dmk

The channels of Jeff C.:
New World Agenda: http://yt.vu/c/UC9vrYkPaH1D60jr4jwGDIlg
Supreme Lord Commander: http://yt.vu/c/UCABsCi4KoMTp9VcwEG7_pyA
FreeRadioRevolution Classics!: http://yt.vu/c/UCl-03iQuVIb66oZDMCvFAzA

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Sometimes when people are trashing you for standing up for the truth and a real belief you just have to pick yourself up and keep rolling along.  You have to have courage and fortitude.


Heterodox prelates continue to trash Burke for his faithfulness

Source: Cardinal Burke Calls for Consecration of Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russian politician, Putin is the current President of the Russian Federation since May 7, 2012


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This Blogger would like to see better relations between Russia and America.

“Speaking at an international forum on the Arctic organised by Russia in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, Putin once again denied any Kremlin involvement in the US election last year, slamming the recent accusations as “absurd” and “irresponsible.”

“We are just waiting for when the situation improves,” Putin said in televised comments. “When it’s over, I hope we decide on holding a meeting” with Trump.

Putin said he would be keen for their first face-to-face talks to happen at the G20 summit in July or earlier, for example at a summit Finland may host after becoming chair of the Arctic Council intergovernmental forum in May.

“Such events should be prepared by both sides. If it happens, then we would be glad, I would be glad, to take part in this event,” Putin said at the forum, which Finnish President Sauli Niinisto is also attending.”


Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/putin-glad-meet-trump-g20-earlier-003423625.html

NOTE: “Putin’s mother was a devoted Christian believer who attended the Russian Orthodox Church, and his father was an atheist.[403][404] Though his mother kept no icons at home, she attended church regularly, despite government persecution of her religion at that time. His mother secretly baptized him as a baby, and she regularly took him to services.[32]

According to Putin, his religious awakening began after a serious car crash involving his wife in 1993, and a life-threatening fire that burned down their dacha in August 1996.[404] Shortly before an official visit to Israel, Putin’s mother gave him his baptismal cross, telling him to get it blessed. Putin states, “I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.”[32] When asked in 2007 whether he believes in God, he responded, “… There are things I believe, which should not in my position, at least, be shared with the public at large for everybody’s consumption because that would look like self-advertising or a political striptease.”[405] Putin’s rumoured confessor is Russian Orthodox Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov.[406]

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