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Posted disclaimer by EWNT:  [This answer is not intended as an exhaustive history or an attempt to settle open questions.]

Source:  https://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/medjugorje.htm

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A miracle and a little Joy


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This blogger loves miracles and this one made me have tears of joy for this little girl—-Joy. I hope you love this one to.  Have pray, have faith and believe.  Sometimes He says yes and sometimes He says No for a reason.  This time He gave her back to her parents.  A blessing.  Always remember when its the other way around that its a blessing to because your going to meet the best part—–Our Lord.  You may not understand at first but in our simple minds not like His we figure it out through Him. In Him we trust. AMEN.


The amazing story of a miracle brought by faith

Source: The Light Shineth in the Darkness

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Bishop Vitus Huonder on Assisted Suicide



“Pope Francis recently commented on the rise of physician-assisted suicide. “Frailty, pain and infirmity are a difficult trial for everyone, including medical staff,” he said. “They call for patience, for ‘suffering-with.’ Therefore, we must not give in to the functionalist temptation to apply rapid and drastic solutions, moved by false compassion or by mere criteria of efficiency or cost-effectiveness.”

Physician-assisted suicide is touted by the liberal Left, which praises liberty over objective reality. A new film titled “Me Before You” promoted assisted suicide as an act of “love.” The film based on the book by author Jojo Moye received criticism from the disabled community.”


Go to the website for more information: http://www.patientsrightscouncil.org/site/

Source: Swiss Bishop: No Last Rites for Assisted Suicides

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Source: Cdl. Burke: Catholics and Muslims Don’t Worship Same God

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