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The demonic is stalking the halls of the United States Senate.

Source: Kavanaugh Crucifixion

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Catholic Schools and the Blaine Amendment


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This Catholic believes the Blaine Amendment is discrimination toward the Catholic Community at large. Lets tear it down and gets some good education going. For those who participate good religious education as well.  I did.


Source: Georgia Supreme Court Considers Anti-Catholic Blaine Amendment

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“Why were these schools upset with offensive remarks made by their male athletes? After all, both have a record of tolerating offensive events targeting Catholics. Moreover, both celebrate sexual deviance.”


Source:  http://www.catholicleague.org/columbia-and-harvard-discover-civility/

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  If this University is Catholic and no longer Pro-Life then their Catholic status should be revoked. You cannot serve two masters. You will love one and hate the other.


Priest says pro-life poster provokes Black Lives Matter movement

Source: Catholic DePaul University Bans Pro-Life Poster for Its ‘Bigotry’

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Campaign to Cancel “The Real O’Neals”

April 1, 2016

Bill Donohue comments on a new Catholic League initiative:

Beginning today, the Catholic League is launching a new campaign against the ABC show, “The Real O’Neals.” Our goal is to kill the show.

Thus far, we have (a) published a New York Times op-ed page ad against the show (b) implored our members to email Disney-ABC executive Ben Sherwood (c) issued news releases on each episode, and (d) granted several interviews. But given a new development, we need to do more.

Those who have been following our objections to the show know that it is not the content of the show that we find most offensive, it is the fact that it is based on the life of one of its executive producers, Dan Savage. The man is an unrepentant, foul-mouthed, anti-Catholic bigot. Now we have learned that Martha Plimpton, who plays the mother in the show, is also an unabashed anti-Catholic.

“The character I play is a homophobe,” Plimpton told the Los Angeles Times, “but she’s a homophobe because she’s based her entire value system on her faith.” She then maintained that Catholicism “tells you that anyone who is gay is going to burn in hell.” She is badly educated.

The Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality are no more “homophobic” than are the teachings of Judaism, from which our beliefs on sexuality are drawn. Moreover, the Church teaches that all human beings are equal in the eyes of God. Furthermore, the Church has never proclaimed that any person, or group of persons, is destined to hell.

We knew that Plimpton is pro-abortion, and likes to brag about the two that she had. But we did not know about her bigotry. When coupled with Savage’s bigotry, this demands that we take our response to a new level.

The first salvo in our new campaign can be found in the April edition of our monthly journal, Catalyst: members are asked to write to Sherwood at his New York office. On April 4, we will map out the entire campaign.

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Published on Jun 29, 2015

News Articles:

That was FAST: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants “equal rights”

Gay Marriage Ruling Opens Door to Widespread Anti-Christian Bigotry

Religious Conservatives Will Be Vilified and Marginalized, Lose Their Religious Freedom, Justices Warn in Gay Marriage Dissenting Opinions

Alito Warns: Defenders of Traditional Marriage Now Risk Being Treated as Bigots by Governments, Employers, Schools

500+ gay pride youth engulfed in flames in Taiwan as Biblical-scale firestorm spontaneously ignites, raining down fire from above

Justice Alito: Christians Will Now Be Labeled As Bigots By Governments, Employers, Schools

Marco Rubio: USA at ‘Water’s Edge’ of Declaring Christianity ‘Hate Speech’

Top 10 Quotes from the Dissenting Justices on Same-Sex Marriage

Benjamin Watson Just Smacked The Supreme Court With The One Thing About Marriage They Don’t Realize

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Hope I myself confront this topic just by this blog alone.  God Bless brothers and sisters.

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