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“Three days after Ukraine’s Feast of Epiphany, the Ukrainian Catholic bishops of the United States urged people to “not look away” from the Eastern European nation as it’s threatened by an impending Russian attack. In a Jan. 22 statement from the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, the bishops made a thinly veiled comparison of Ukraine’s oppressor, Russian president Vladimir Putin, to the biblical King Herod (who sought the annihilation of the infant Jesus). 

The bishops related:

Herod appears a homicidal tyrant craving hegemony, who massacres innocent children in Bethlehem in order to kill the Messiah — a vivid image of the lust for power. The Holy Infant, bringing salvation to all, was a menace to a tyrant pathetically clinging to his self-importance … is the Ukrainian people’s exercise of their God-given dignity a threat to a modern Herod’s thirst for power and hegemony?

The bishops further described how the human dignity God bestowed on mankind threatens those in power who seek the creation of empires and the domination of others. Political observers noted communist Russia once controlled Ukraine, the second-largest country (by area) in Europe after Russia, and speculated Putin aspires to regain control of the former Soviet satellite.”

ARTICLE: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/catholic-ukrainian-bishops-implore-people-to-pray

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Bp. McKnight: ‘Laity are the only ones who can keep the hierarchy accountable’

Source: Young Bishops: Laity Investigate Bad Bishops

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In an open letter, Avera Maria Santo, a 22-year-old U.S. Catholic, pleads for the synod fathers to uphold Church teaching on sexuality.

“My dear bishops, there is no one on this earth that isn’t called to a life of chastity; that includes my brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attractions. This is not because the Church is oppressive and wants us to be miserable and passively submissive to her, but because each and every one of us is invited to enter into the divine life of our Creator, a life where no sin can remain.

The Catechism states, in Paragraph 2331, that “God is love, and in himself he lives a mystery of personal loving communion. Creating the human race in his own image … God inscribed in the humanity of man and woman the vocation, and thus the capacity and responsibility, of love and communion.”

Not only should I be reminded that, as a Christian, I am called to love as Christ loved us, but I also have the capacity to do so. I am capable of authentic love!

Telling me that my cross of same-sex attraction is too heavy for me to love as Christ calls me to is not just degrading; it is also a lie. God did not abandon me when man first sinned in the beginning, and he will not abandon me now.

He has called me, and each and every one of us, to himself, and I intend to return back to him, no matter how burdensome my cross may be.

Like Christ remembered me from the cross, I pray that you would remember me, and my brothers and sisters like me, dear bishops, as you pray about and discuss how to help young people in matters of faith and vocation, especially in regards to the topic of homosexuality.

Please remember that, as St. Thérèse the Little Flower, a dear patron of mine, so greatly put it, “My vocation is to love.”

Article Source: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/same-sex-attracted-youth-to-synod-dont-change-church-teaching-in-any-way

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Source: Read and weep: Soviet style “psych” tactics used against priests by bishops.

“Maybe it is time to cut off all funds and channel them only to trustworthy traditional causes.
*Long time readers may recognize the reference to “Fatty” as being Bp. Fatty McButterpants of the fictional Diocese of Libville, neighbor to the Diocese of Black Duck. “Dozer” is the nickname of Fatty’s old classmate, Bp. Antuninu Ruspa of Pie Town, who has a penchant for demolishing traditional churches and building, if anything – he sells properties as often as possible – worship spaces that look like municipal airports or the lobbies of trendy boutique hotels. Fatty’s loathsome and somewhat deformed dog Chester once, wisely, bit “Dozer” in the inside of the thigh, rather high up, requiring a humiliating visit to the ER and the ministrations of thick-forearmed nurse who had a lot of questions. As it turns out, Bp. McButterpants used the psych strike on a priest of Libville, the pastor of St. Christine the Astonishing, Fr. Joe Włotrzewiszczykowycki-Brzęczyszczykiewic. Fr. JoWo tried to get something good going at his parish for the many suffering liturgical refugees from Fr. Bruce Hugalot’s Sing A New Faith Community Into Being Faith Community. Fr. JoWo fled to the Diocese of Black Duck, where Bp. Noble gave him a safe haven without an “evaluation”. He often helps Msgr. Zuhlsdorf at St. Ipsidipsy in Tall Tree Circle for Solemn Masses and confessions while taking care of his own budding St. Philip Neri Oratory of Mary Cause of Our Joy.”


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And it ain’t going away.

Source: Mad as Hell

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Money motivates US bishops’ immigration obsession

Source: Immigration Cash Cow

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And someone needs to tell them to.

Source: They Won’t Stop

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Cdl. Müller: The problem is a loss of supernatural faith in the sacraments

Source: Intercommunion War

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Published on May 4, 2018

CARDINAL RAYMOND LEO BURKE, former prefect of the Apostolic Signature joins us to talk about his support for the \”Pastoral Appeal to the Bishops for an Apostolic Reaffirmation of the Gospel\”, an appeal by 15 American and European clergy for the world’s bishops to reaffirm Church teaching to combat confusion and division in the Church Universal.

SOURCE VIDEO IN FULL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J88_Fnz-UXU&t=918s

Published on Apr 13, 2018

THE PAPAL POSSE…FR. GERALD MURRAY, canon lawyer and priest of the Archdiocese of New York and ROBERT ROYAL, editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing.org, discuss REJOICE AND BE GLAD, the new Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis released by the Vatican this week.

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Archbishop Paul Coakley  along with other prelates preaches in season and out of season on all things Catholic.

“To engage in sexual activity outside of marriage or for selfish purposes or while interfering with its natural fruitfulness by contraception is a rejection of God’s intended meaning and purpose,” he added. “It is sinful.”Archbishop Coakley praised Bl. Pope Paul VI for his “prophetic insight in recognizing the grave consequences that follow” the embrace of contraception, noting that “Separating sex from babies has disastrous and far-reaching consequences.”


Oklahoma, San Francisco, Denver prelates reaffirm Humanae Vitae

Source: Bishops Defend Catholic Teaching on Birth Control

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