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Published on Apr 10, 2015

Another man seeking to live for the Church.

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NOTE:  People this is a good cause.  Think about it. Our Catholic boys who will be men deserve the best.

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The above is a news show on Eternal Word Network discussing the Economy and Ethics with Raymond Arroyo.

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The above is the EWTN Live Family Celebration in Alabama.

This is the EWTN that Mother Angelica founded some years ago in the south.

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I am putting in some interesting stories for Conversion to Roman Catholicism.  The above is a story of Mike Carlton who converted to Catholicism from Presbyterian Church.

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This station was started by Mother Angelica on August 15, 1981.  She made a promise to the Lord to build a shrine to Him.  She did this in Alabama.  This radio/television station has been going strong for 28 years.  She found it on funds provided by you and me.  She asked her viewers to put them between their gas and electric bill all of these years.

She started it on 200 dollars and hasn’t looked back since.  Mother is in her earl nineties I believe and she is bedridden but she got this middle-aged wandering Catholic to “go home” in the late half of the 1990’s.  She taught me the true meaning of Catholicism.  I invite all of my brothers and sisters to “come home”. 

I found that by studying the richness of our faith we can know Jesus Christ as he truly is present in the Eucharist.  You simply can’t just be a “pew” Catholic you have to come back and see Him now and then.  He misses us and I hope to see you in the pews.

So come back and see us again this season at Mass.  We love yah family. Keep Mother Angelica and the Poor Clare and the Franciscan friars and all the Clergy in the Catholic Church in this year of the priests.

Peace and a Happy New Year!

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