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The talking points of the Church of Nice.

Source: Many Bad Points

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America is now two countries — and the Church has been split in two as well.

Source: Two Countries, Two Churches

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Death comes for everyone; even the Church of Nice.

Source: Committing Suicide

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For the love of God, fight with all your strength!

Source: Fighting Back, at Last!

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By Michael Voris

Bring it on, Archbishop. Bring it on.


One of the wonderful things about the Catholic Church is no matter how bad things get, no matter how many off-the-rail bishops there are, Our Blessed Lord never lets the flame of faith be totally extinguished.

In the midst of crazy talk we hear almost daily from bishops around the world, there are also the strong voices of other bishops announcing the truth. One such voice is from archbishop of Portland, Oregon Alexander Sample. His Excellency absolutely nails it in his weekly column in the diocesan paper from this week.

Listen to this: “Many people have reduced being a good and faithful Catholic to being nice, tolerant and doing good works. They think if we do service projects for the poor and needy, and don’t make any judgments about human behavior and sin, then we are fulfilling the Gospel mandate.”

We are pretty certain that His Excellency has already heard it from others, but allow us to add our Church Militant voice to those others and say God bless you, archbishop! God bless you for speaking the truth and putting it so clearly.

A little bit earlier in his article he declares emphatically, “The ‘salvation of souls,’ which must always be the supreme law of the Church, must be kept before our eyes. The salvation of souls. How often do we hear this language in the Church today? Not very often, I am afraid. And yet that is the very mission of the Church!”

Quick, get a communiqué off to Rome to create Abp. Sample a cardinal and then, in the next conclave, hand out flyers to the other cardinals: “Sample for Pope! Sample for Pope!”

As any of you who are regular viewers here at Church Militant know, this is the exact message we have been declaring out loud for a decade. The Church must get back on track with the work and mission that the Son of God gave Her to do: the salvation of souls. Everything, and we mean everything else, on the planet gets the Church’s attention these days except the only thing that matters.

Climate change, saving the whales, conserving electricity, immigration policy, gun control, civil rights for the homofascist crowd, everything related to earth, with next to no attention paid to the supernatural.

“The essential mission is spiritual, focused on bringing people to life in Christ. Throughout the Gospels Jesus speaks of the dangers of losing the gift of salvation, missing the moment of his redemption, and risking eternal punishment.”

And this is exactly the problem in the Church today: the indifference toward the truth, which has allowed the truth to be substituted for by a lesser truth, and even in some cases a lie. And to re-emphasize what Abp. Sample said earlier, “Many people have reduced being a good and faithful Catholic to being nice … .”And there we have it: that word, that diabolical word N-I-C-E, “Nice.”

This is all the Faith means to the vast majority, huge numbers of Catholics today.  In the end, in the final sum, all being nice means is that you tolerate anything, any principle, behavior, action, sin, immorality, so that no one is offended by your religious faith. As Ven. Abp. Sheen used to say, “We tolerate people, but not principles,” meaning thoughts and attitudes that lead people away from truth.

But that’s exactly what happens when you’re NICE. You don’t love or care for a person enough to tell them they are wrong, that their actions, the principles they are living by, will end them up in Hell.

The mission of the Church is the salvation of souls. Period. Regardless of the intentions of all the social justice, fight poverty, save the climate crowd, none of their work amounts to a hill of beans if souls are going to Hell. And as Our Lord Himself tells us, which Abp. Sample quotes, “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” (Matthew 7:13-14).

Thank you, Your Excellency. Thank you.

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The March for Life has been hijacked by the Church of Nice.

Source: Time Bombs in the March for Life

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Source: The Vortex—The Francis ‘Weapon’

Catholics keep this in mind.  Keep the watch.

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