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Conference to discuss U.S. implementation of Amoris Laetitia

Source: Leftist Prelates Meet in Boston to Push Heterodox Agenda


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Published on Sep 28, 2017

This RTV Short was made to accompany a new article by Christopher Ferrara on The Remnant’s website: “George Weigel Scolds Remnant TV, Catholic Identity Conference.” Here we have a little fun with the fact that Pope John Paul II’s biographer took to the pages of First Things this week to accuse RTV and the Catholic Identity Conference of “nostalgia for the ’50s,” and various other infractions. Plus, we take a look at a revealing piece of video in which Weigel directly contradicts Pope Pius XI and Quas Primas. Who is this guy, and what is his problem?


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James Thurman:

Source: Holy League’s Second Annual Men’s Conference

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The panel discusses authentic masculinity.

Source: Strength & Honor Recap

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Funny the people in this picture look like the KKK and sure act it.  After all it was the KKK who don’t care for Catholics.  Funny I though Jesus was the peaceful type when it came to engaging with the enemy?  Little do these people know that Church Militant is peaceful in itself. Sorry MPDN you’ve got it wrong and your barking up the wrong tree.

“Church Militant is open to discussion with anyone, and have indeed made this a hallmark of the work conducted here for a dozen years, but we will not be cowed by lies and thug tactics becoming so commonplace on the Left.

The real bone of contention that MPDN has with Church Militant is not the spurious claims and lies it’s telling, but the positions we take on morality and decency, and Catholicism’s teaching that all life is sacred and needs to be respected and honored.

As creatures made in the image and likeness of God, humans need to understand that our laws, customs and mores need to reflect this truth on every level.

MPDN is anti-religion when that religion promotes theologically grounded teachings like the sacredness of life from its first beginnings to its natural end, and the sanctity of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.”


Theological conference targeted by Antifa allies

Source: PRESS RELEASE: Church Militant Attacked by Leftists

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Cardinal Raymond Burke and the Cristero War


More than 30,000 Catholics died during the Masonic-inspired revolution

Source: Cdl. Burke to Speak on Our Lady’s Help During Cristero War

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This article appeared in 2016 but there is a New Ways Ministry symposium coming up here in April 2017.  Thought it appropriate to show.


Bp. John Stowe will be speaking at New Ways Ministry symposium

Source: KY Bishop to Join Pro-LGBT Conference

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