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Published on Jun 20, 2018

Do you worry about what is going on in the Vatican & worrying about everything the Holy Father says or does. Father speaks about historical events that caused massive confusion to the faithful. Stay calm, pray, get close to Our Lady, & stay on board. For more please visit https://www.veritascaritas.com/ & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest (and say a quick prayer for the Pope, too)

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“Every time I turn on the television they talk about addiction now — alcohol, drugs, and they say you can get out,” he said. “If you can get out of those strong addictions, how come you can’t get out of the homosexual … lifestyle? It’s an addiction.”

DeJiacomo has written an autobiography, and is currently raising funds to have it professionally edited and published. His project is meant to help rescue others “out of the theatre of darkness” of the gay lifestyle.”

Source: From Misery to Joy: The Story of David DeJiacomo

Donate here:  https://www.fundingmorality.com/dejiacomo

God Bless!


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Something’s gotta give.

Source: Sissy Culture

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Courage Director Gives Advice to Help Catholic Colleges Address Same-Sex Attraction.

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Published on Jun 19, 2014

Internet journalist Daniel Mattson joins Fr. Mark and Doug to discuss same sex attraction, chastity and understanding the Church’s teachings in these areas.

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The story of Irena Sendler.  I hope to see a similar story on Pope Pius XII someday when he is exonerated.

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This is an example of the Traditional Latin Catholic Mass:

This is an example of the Novus Ordo or New Mass Wedding:

The above article caught my eye about men and marriage.  Bare in mind folks I’m no expert because I’m 47 and not married.  Unfortunately I came through the crazy period of the church where everyone was doing what they want and ignoring what they aught to do.  Hopefully by the grace of God and our Church this is changing maybe slowly but moving toward sanity again.  This I say especially along the lines with what the church teaches on the single life, vocational and married life.

I invite  you to check out the article above if you interested in knowing more about traditional married life and those who help teach it in the Church.

God Bless.

If you are a traditional and serious Catholic and are getting serious with someone about marriage dont forget to consult Father on Pre-Cana preparation classes.


The above videos are commentary on Father Groeschel and marriage below are Father McCloskey’s teaching on prepreation for marriage.  Please dont stop wait until the video is completely done and explore Father McCloskey continually on You Tube on Marriage Preparation.

See:  http://catholic.org/hf/family/story.php?id=43304&page=2

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