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The unraveling of the cover-up.

Source: Bernardin: Homosexual Predator Satanist

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New evidence of Bernardin cover-up.

Source: Exposing Chicago’s Secrets

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Dr. Taylor Marshall

Premiered 7 hours ago

The horrific exploits of Cardinal Bernadin of Chicago. This is one year after the summer of shame. #TnT give commentary. They also discuss Aleister Crowley and his system of SexMagick and his Gnostic Mass and Gnostic Catholic Church based in Switzerland. They also discuss the connection of Pope Paul VI with Saul Alinsky. It’s getting deep.

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BLOOGER’S NOTE:  SEE CHURCH MILITANT ARTICLE HERE, https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/cupich-covers-up-bernardin-rape-charge-falsely-claims-all-allegations-reported

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Closing in on corruption and cover-up.

Source: Cardinal Cupich Under Investigation

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2018-09-05_Obrien (2).jpg

Covered up sex abuse as head of the archdiocese for the Military Services

Source: Cardinal O’Brien and the Sex Abuse Cover-Up

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Collection Plate For Restricted Use Only or Not at All

Shield your donations from being used to cover up child sexual abuse and diocesan lawyers’ fees

Source: A Call to Arms: Only Donate With ‘Restricted Purpose,’ or Not at All

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Source: Swedish Police Accused of Migrant Sex Assault Cover-Up

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