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Dear Blogger Friends and Friends who read the blog:

Got a letter today in the mail from my favorite pregnancy home which shelters our sweet sisters in or not in Christ.

It was from Chris Bell who is affiliated with one of my favorite people—Father Benedict Groeschel.  They are in trouble and I could only think of writing this letter.  I dont want to see these women abort their children because they had nowhere to go. Or because I gave and give nothing to our Lord.  These are important human beings.

If you can give whatever you have .50 cents or $1.00 I dont care as long as you can give what you can.  Mother Angelica asked the same from us can we not ask the same of ourselves.  You want to save babies then give what you can when you can.

Go to my home page where I have a blogroll scroll to Good Counsel Homes and connect and give if you can.

Their address is:  Good Counsel Homes, P O Box 6068, Hoboken, NJ 07030, Phone (201) 795-0637, Fax (201) 795-0809.

If you cant give anything then pray for them and ask the Lord to keep them open and running.  They are the front line and the best line of defense in the Life Movement.

If there is only one of you that sees this pass it on to our other brothers and sisters and see if they will pass this on.  Save some lives today folks.  God Bless because the next life to save could be yours and mine.

Love in Christ always.

See videos below:


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See Link for donation:  http://www.bikingforbabies.com/

See also:   http://cnsblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/charity-bike-ride-aims-to-raise-funds-for-pro-life-groups/

The above link is a place you want to look for if you want to give for life.  Were going to win the war on babies in this country.

The polls have shown most of you are Pro-Life and I challenge all of us to meet that goal.  To bring back a Culture of Life to America which we have never seen before.

Many of you look around at your friends born after 1973 and keep in mind your mother didn’t abort you.  I’m not giving you a guilt trip.  This is an observation that you survived the “war” against life.  This means you count.  Its going to be up to your generation to get the ball going and support the most needed commodity in our society—THE HUMAN BEING KNOWNS AS THE HUMAN EMBRYO AND PART OF THE HUMAN RACE.

Science says you weren’t a toaster in your mother’s womb when she conceived you.  Your part of two people–a biological mother and a father.   Two toasters couldn’t conceive and come up with a human being so its safe to say you had to be formed by two human people.

So I urge and inspire you all to fight peacefully for a culture of life in the future.  Not the Culture of Death that we invented under false pretenses in 1973.

The world is afraid of the life movement because the world knows that secretly it has  been covering up lies for many years– over 30 to be exact.  All in the name of so-called respect for women’s rights.

The Suffragettes didnt fight to abort the human race.  They fought to help women achieve equal status.  So I ask how does aborting life resolve equality among the two genders?  It doesn’t.  It has nothing to do with equal rights because where are the rights of both people who conceived this child.  The rights of the child have never been considered until now.

If you say we need population control guess again because the food on this planet has kept up with the human race.  Take it from the granddaughter of a Strawberry farmer.  It makes sense that human nature and nature would keep up with itself.  Its common sense which is what we need today.

You can also check out the stats on population at the Population Control Institute.   Also check out Demographic Winter its quite enlightening.

So are you a Human Being or a Toaster??????  Donate today if you can and with what you can.  Get involved in the Culture of Life.  Its your legacy of the future.  My time is almost over.  I only have time to pass the baton to all of you.  Life might just be your saving grace of the future.  Its been mine.  Many of you might not believe in God but to my brothers and sisters who do GOD BLESS YOU ALL EVERYONE.

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The above is a an EWTN newshow about Bishop Ghassis and others.  The main story is about the tensions and violence in the Sudan.

Bishop Macram Ghassis is heroically shepherding his people in one of the most fought over properties on the continent of Africa.  Its oil rich and it has to be shared by the North and the South.

The North is dominated by the Muslims and the South is inhabited by the Christian and Animists groups.  In order to achieve peace both the North and the South can exist and they can share the oil profits for each country.

They can peacefully co-exist and build a better future for both the North and South.

We in the Christian community can help in a small way.  You can pray or you can donate to Bishop Ghassis.  You dont have to give much just what you can afford.  He needs our help.

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A brief biography and commentary of “Jane Roe” in the 1973 landmark case for abortion.

Norma Leah Nelson McCorvey born September 22, 1947 in Simmesport Louisiana.

She would become one of the most controversial figures in American Justice.  The landmark case of Roe v. Wade as “Jane Roe” in 1973.

Norma would have a long battle from pro-choice to pro-life.  She was befriended by Pro-Life Activist Flip Benham from the Pro-Life group Operation Rescue.  She would be baptized a Christian and go on to be a Roman Catholic.  In her autobiography she has professed to be a lesbian and surprisingly enough has since recanted this lifestyle.

Allegedly she has stated she was a pawn of two very ambitious lawyers for this case in the Supreme Court.  One Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee.  The case would challenge and attempt to overturn a  Texas State law prohibiting abortion.

Eventually she would grow to regret this decision.  The story is that Norma stated she was raped when she was around 21 years.  She has since stated that this is a lie.  Her child was never aborted and gave birth to a baby girl who was eventually adopted.

She has admitted as others have that abortion procedure has harmful consequences towards women.  Her petition to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe in 2005 has been rejected.

Today May 17th 2009 at Notre Dame a protest is taking place because the of the implications of a sitting President to receive an Honorary Degree from a Catholic University because of his stance on abortion is considered null and void on record at the Catholic Conference of Bishops of the United States.

Obama has stated that healthy, peaceful disagreement is a good thing and I agree.

At this historical date May 17,  2009 while writing this commentary 30 brave pro-lifers are sitting in jail from a peaceful march on the campus of Notre Dame University at Indiana for protesting and trespassing.  Many of them laypeople and famous alike.  One is Dr. Alan Keyes, political activist and diplomat.

President Obama and others want this barbaric practice and sacrifice of innocent lives rare but we cant have it both ways.  We cant keep sending tax dollars overseas for so called reproductive rights and not find sensible solutions to our problems as well.  Especially in these uncertain economic times.

According to the Pro-Life movement abortion not only degrades a woman’s dignity it also harms her physically, emotionally and mentally.  The question is what rights do the unborn have? Sonograms are proving  a child is in the womb and its life.  Places like Rachael’s Vineyard are speaking and counseling with those who are both male and female suffering from post abortive negative fallout.  Can we keep looking the other way?

The slogan today seems to be and I agree, “Women and Men deserve better than abortion.”  Since 1973 over 50,000,000+ (Not including the count around the world.) babies have been aborted and one question I have asked is, who have we aborted?  Did we abort someone who would find the cure for cancer, AIDS or even the next peacemaker of the Middleast? Someone’s future partner in marriage?  Our world leaders–who will it be in the future to solve these economic crises that crop up on occasion? The list goes on.

Pro-Choice movement wants reproductive rights but what will the cost be to America and the world at large for future generations? Do they understand the whole picture? There is the Pro and the Con but whose side has the better argument for a better future for America?

Only the future will tell out on the issue of Life.

See:  http://catholic.org/hf/family/story.php?id=43304&page=2

See:  http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1104488.htm

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

See:  http://catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=45944&page=2

See:  http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/resource.php?n=886

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This is what is going on in China.  We also underwrite and support it at the United Nations.   This is not the American Way.  This is not true feminine genius and women’s true rights.  Susan B. Anthony is someone we all know about.  She was for women’s rights which is what Im for but not at the sacrifice of life.

Women should be the upholder of life everywhere.  We should stand in solidarity with women and children all over the world.  Im a right to lifer.  I will never change this stance.  I am not a terrorist and like Susan B. Anthony and others from the past and into the future who support life this is where its at.

It is a human being in the womb.  The baby is not a toaster or a material object.  It is the beginning of human life.  We need to rethink what is going on in this world everywhere.  The basic human denial of real freedom and human rights everywhere.

As I paraphrase one of the greatest women of our world, Morther Teresa said that aborting children is like nuclear war.  Norma McKorvey who was Jane Roe in the landmark decision of 1973 to institute abortion into our culture has also changed her opinion and stance regarding this practice.

It has to be rethought and end.

See Story Link Below:


See:  http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1104488.htm

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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To my brothers and sisters of the Catholic Church Peace:

Its is appropriate that today is Saint Agnes’ day.  She was a virgin and martyr of the early days of the church.  We can learn much from these early days.  They tell us where were going.  We need to read what we can of the early days of the Early Church Fathers.

As I write this I tell you I’m watching Cardinal DiNardo make his Homily.   He is telling us to “be all we can be” for Christ.  He is at the Pro-Life Mass opening days of the March for Life in Washington.  He has given a stimulating and moving Homily.   He has asked us to “Do what He tells you.” and the Lord is telling us to uphold the Magisterium and the truths of the Catholic Church.

This means as a Catholic you cannot be Christian and be pro-death or uncertain.  You must be for life.  We are just finding out the implications behind this heinous deed called abortion.  It is the genocide of the unborn.  Next to this and another story is Euthanasia.  You cannot let people kill themselves.  We must always strive for our fellow brothers and sisters in anyway the Lord has given us the gifts to do so.

Our brother Jesus came to us as a little babe.  He too was ready to be executed by the authorities.  He to could have been killed in the womb if the soldiers had been allowed to do so.  You see our God is an mighty God.  He held back the soldiers from killing our Lord Jesus Christ.  We must do the same peacefully and through our church.  Support the March for Life by participating or even go to the Virutal March for Life site if you cannot attend.

Support your clergy the Bishops and Religious our Priests and Sisters wherever they maybe.  Pray for them in their life, their ministry and their sacrifice.  Pray that they make it through their permanent vocation to the Lord all the rest of their days.  Pray for our laity or laypeople that they serve and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church and teach it properly as well.  Most of all keep Holy Father Benedict XVI in your prayers that he is guided by the Holy Spirit and our Mother Church as well all the rest of the bride’s days until the coming of our Lord.

If you believe in life do your small part, pray or contribute to Priests for Life.  Do what can be asked of you within reason.

Let us hope we can abolish this barbaric practice of child sacrifice.  Yes, child sacrifice as in the ancient days as has been recorded in the Old Testament.

Remember your Lord could have been one of these innocent babes if you think about it in terms of long ago.

Also for those of you who have suffered from abortion and need someone to talk to see:


For more information on the Pro-Life Movement see


For the Catechism of the Catholic Church:  http://www.vatican.va/archive/catechism/ccc_toc.htm

See also Priests for Life (see other blogs to.)

See also:  http://www.priestsforlife.org/africanamerican/

See also:  http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/

See also:  http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/

Peace and Love brothers and sisters

See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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If your in trouble and pregnant please check this website out.  Contact them and ask for Crisis Pregnancy at:


OR see this sight:




See:  http://www.catholic.org/clife/advent/story.php?id=43869

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