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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Please be as generous as possible if you can when they pass the hat on Sunday.  Be generous to any great charity supporting this cause.  We Americans are tough when things get rough.  Makes us stronger.  This is my kind of country.


Sunday, September 3 designated national day of prayer for Harvey victims

Source: Americans Asked to Pray for Texas

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Sorry I’ve been away.  Work, yes, but a certain lack of motivation to blog, too.  There are momentous doings today and tonight, however, and I thought I could at least put up a post about that.

Reports are all over the map.  Some are claiming Trump is losing due to a poor ground game, others are saying he’s getting out the vote better than anticipated. Some say swing states are swinging left, again (how many swings in the same direction are required before a state no longer swings?), others that things are breaking for Trump.  Some NeverTrumpers have remained steadfast in their detestation of the man, others have come out in favor.  I predict……….a late night.  I think it will be close.  Can Trump overcome several million likely fraudulent votes?  I guess we’ll see tomorrow, or sometime.

One other thing I’ll predict: this country is probably too far gone for…

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Folks I appeal to you.  Hillary isn’t what you think she will be for America.  She is a sheep in wolves clothing. Don’t be fooled by the charm.  She already told us of her manipulation of the Catholic people. What else is in store for America. Compared to her Trump is a moderate.


Controlling the Catholic Vote

Source: Report—Hillary’s Catholic Targeting

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Source: http://www.catholicleague.org/why-cosmo-and-glamour-love-abortion/

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Joplin Missouri got hit by one of the top ten deadliest tornadoes in US history.  If you can donate to Catholic Charities please do so.

Go to website and contact and let them know the money your donating is for Joplin Missouri:


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I know that we have been suspicious of Islam because of the terrorist problem in this country and abroad but this is I hope a wonderful article.

This appears to tell we American Muslims are capable of legitimate charitable donations which are very needed in East Africa at this time.

For Allah another name for God.

TO DONATE:  http://www.irusa.org/

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If 1,600,000 million people gave just $1.00 to the charities that are fighting starvation and poverty in the Horn of Africa we just might save some lives in the next 12 months.

Yes, valuable lives.  Im sure Holy Father would want us to be thinking of the people of The Horn of Africa as we celebrate World Youth Day.

If you watch the above e-mail please go to You Tube and share with others and ask them to pass this on.

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