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Network has history of promoting dissenting groups, individuals

Source: US Bishops Send $750K to LGBT-Promoting Ignatian Network

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“The mainstream media has done an effective job of brainwashing society”

“In pulling together the recent reports on transgender abuse of children, reparative therapy and the existence of a massive fraud in perpetrating the born-that-way myth, nearly all of the sources Church Militant spoke with agreed that there is a vast conspiracy to manipulate our legal system with legislation to ensure “civil rights” for gays through bogus lawsuits, propaganda and false media reports.

In these series of reports, Church Militant exposed just the tip of the iceberg of this vast network. We discovered coordinated attacks on children and families by the “Big Gay Hate Machine,” a phrase coined by Austin Ruse at Breitbart. Some of our sources asked for anonymity for fear of reprisals. Others are used to the harassment and even death threats and only want the truth exposed.

Arthur Goldberg of Funding Morality.com commented, “The mainstream media has done an effective job of brainwashing society.”



Source: LGBT Crushing Dissent

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They used to hide; now they’re out in the open.

Source: Gay Mafia

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Formerly Father Gregory Baum



Source: Bombshell: Priest at Forefront of Pushing Birth Control in Canada Admits Gay Lifestyle

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BLOGGERS NOTE AND COMMENTARY ON THIS ARTICLE:  I don’t even like discussing the filth discussed in this article.  Here it is.  If Mary was, is the spouse of God and the Holy Spirit, and you knew it, would you even think of doing what is blasphemed above?  Think about it. These people have no concept of the Bible at all and I’m just a layperson stating this.  This is sad. Another thing is this—Joseph is an Orthodox Practicing Jew—-he knows about the marriage vows—would he even think of touching what belongs to God???????  Am I right or wrong?  Please I would love to hear someone rebuke me on this. This is what I truly believe that he, Joseph would never, ever touch what belongs to God. Be warned I’m going to debate this.  I am no scholar either but I want someone to tell me I’m wrong on this. Another thought—Parents are the first educators of their children.  Where did Jesus learn to be chaste from?  I dare the progressive Catholics to debate me on this.  Also were in the world not of the world—sex belongs to God.  He has the say as to who is going to be religious and chaste and who is going to marry and have children. If the above is the case in the article above then everything the Saints did to be chaste and were successful is a bald face lie then.  Which of course I don’t believe for one minute.  Someone is drinking spiked Kool-aide or smokin’ something they shouldn’t be over there in Cali or something.  Another truth that the Evil one is alive and getting ready to do some cookin’ in Hell.  I will pray for their souls as well as my own.


Event hosts speakers who are pro-gay, pro-transgender and pro-unchaste sex

Source: 2017 LA Religious Education Congress Pushes Dissent on Sexual Morality

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Justice Scalia Rips Apart Gay ‘Marriage’ Ruling.

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